I Can Has Cheezburger?


a funny reddit thread about a neighborhood drama over a pig | thumbnail includes text saying 'Hey, did I just see you outside walking a PIG?? Yes, she's our pet. :) You can't seriously think it's a good idea to have a smelly disgusting pig in our building, can you? Given some of the men we've seen you bring home at 2am, I'm not sure l get your point.'

Pet Pig Sparks Neighborhood Feud: Reddit Debates Pigs As Pets

Whose side are you on?
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video of archeological discovery sea dragon in UK } thumbnail image of sea dragon fossil

Giant Sea Dragon Uncovered in the UK (Video)

It's hugeee
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12 reddit text images rehoming dog conversation | Thumbnail blue background ". She was always scared outside, at my office, at coffee places, at other apartments, even just outside on the street. Two weeks ago I came across a female acquaintance who lives outside the city, who has a dog that my dog loves and who offered to take her for a few hours to try how my dog likes it"

A Pawsitive Dog Rehoming Story, Reddit Users Discuss And Support One Another

A pawsitive story
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collection of funny facts and stories about animals | thumbnail includes a picture of a goat 'Organism - In Nigeria, a goat was arrested and accused of being a person who used magic after an armed robbery. CHEEZ'

12 Funny Animal Facts: Paws To Laugh And Learn

Laugh and learn
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12 reddit text images screening pet sitters discussion | thumbnail blue background "Mysticgirl2019 · 3d I also recommend cameras in the house! It might seem creepy but believe me it's better to be safe then sorry. My sister hired a pet sitter for my parents 21 year old dog that had amazing reviews and all her friends used. This sitter did not come for 48 hours!!!!!! My poor "

A Discussion On The Importance Of Screening Pet Sitters: Reddit Thread

Who can we really trust to care for our pets nowadays
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vide of defensive turtles and snakes | thumbnail image of snake intertwined with turtle

How Turtles Defend Themselves Against Snakes (Video)

Don't underestimate turtles
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why do cats boop rub tap hit their head against humans | thumbnail includes text saying 'Why do cats bang their forehead on humans?' and a photo of a cat doing a boop

Why Do Cats Boop Their Forehead On Humans: Internet Responds

Boop the snoot.
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video of a herd of elephants joyfully sliding into a river | thumbnail includes a photo of the elephants sliding

Elephants Joyfully Slide Into River (Video)

Look out below!
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video of giant jellyfish in deep sea | thumbnail giant jellyfish floating around deep sea

Amazingly Rare Deep Sea Sighting: Giant Phantom Jellyfish (Video)

Extraordinary sighting
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A Quora thread about rare little known facts about animals | thumbnail includes a picture of two hippos eating a  Zebra and the text ' A Hippopotamus will devour a floating Zebra if they're given half the chance....'

People Share Perception-Changing Facts About Animals

The more you know!
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collection of facts about reindeer | thumbnail includes a picture of reindeer 'Organism - Some reindeer subspecies' knees make a clicking noise when they walk so the pack can stay together in a blizzard. ICANHAS CNEEZ BORGER'

Paws For This Week's Animal Facts: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Caribou

Laugh and learn.
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a bunch of facts about penguins | thumbnail includes text saying 'Recently discovered fossils indicate that an ancient breed of penguins once stood taller than the average adult man today at 5-foot-10.'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: WARNING This Article May Cause Immediate Need To Watch Happy Feet

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video of octopus living with professor | thumbnail octopus inside of home

Professor Rooms With Intelligent Octopus, Wonderful Delights Follow (Video)

Octopi are awesome
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12 images of fossils | thumbnail left big tray of many different small fossils, thumbnail right large shark tooth fossil

Man Shows Off Awesome Fossil Collection

Cool science
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9 images and gifs why hornets don't make good house pets | thumbnail left 3 hornets in glass encasement, thumbnail left close up hornet portrait

Hornets Set Up Camp In Swedish Home, Don't Make Great House Pets

House pets or nuisance?
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funny photoshop battle with a dalmatian | thumbnail includes two photoshopped dalmation photos

Epic Photoshop Battle Transforms Dalmatian

101 Photoshopped Dalmatians
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