I Can Has Cheezburger?


13 twitter thread images of aerodynamic animal graphs | thumbnail graph aerodynamic pig "The Perpetual Polymath @ThePerpPolymath The aerodynamics of different animals and objects. A thread. 10:55 PM · Nov 17, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 2,759 Retweets 158 Quote Tweets 19.3K Likes"

Aerodynamics Of Animals Creatively Displayed In Fantastical Twitter Thread

Fantastically interesting
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video of funny and inaccurate medieval art | thumbnail nice try artistic rendition of alligator next to actual image of alligator

Enthusiastically Inaccurate Medieval Art of Animals (Video)

So funny and so incorrect
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14 text based reddit images | thumbnail "haefari • 11d Riley: Border Collie Mix Yeah not every dog can handle it. It's a fun treat but only if your dog's body can handle the whipped cream 6 Reply 1 679 3 BanananaSquid · 11d Every dog is so different! I have two dogs that both can handle a ton of dairy. We jokingly call one of them a "cheese st". The only time she ever had a problem was when she nabbed a WHOLE WHEEL of brie off the coffee table at Thanksgiving"

PSA: Puppuccinos Aren't Always A Good Idea

Meh, we'll stick to bone treats
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tumblr thread about horses having not enough toes | thumbnail includes one tumblr ask 'Rectangle - anonymous asked I recall at least one of you guys having worked with livestock animals. Why are cows so damn indestructible while horses keel over and die if mercury is in retrograde or a dog barked in Kazakhstan?' 'ask-a-vetblr Follow gettingvetted here. Let me tell you a story about how livestock animals work.'

Tumblr Thread: Horses Don't Have Enough Toes

...and that's both good and bad.
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tumblr thread about why pit bulls are considered dangerous | thumbnail includes a picture of a pit bull and a pit bull puppy and one tumblr post 'Font - vet-and-wild Follow A lot of the pit bull fear is relatively new. I believe there was a TIME or Sports Illustrated article in the 80s/90s that specifically targeted pit bulls as dangerous dogs. GSDS, rotties, dobies, and even bloodhounds have all had their time as the trendy, "dangerous" breed. The dumb thing'

Tumblr Thread: Where The Fear Of Pit Bulls Really Comes From

Pit bulls don't even really make good guard dogs.
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13 tweets Chinese mythological creatures | image of chinese mythological creature in background "Aurelia V @senjatanuklir 2) Dragon () U As we already know, dragon is the symbol of everything good in China. People also see dragon as the protector of our realm, much like the one in Ta-Lo (). 6:53 PM - Oct 11, 2021 -"

Awesomeness Of Chinese Mythological Creatures Highlighted In Twitter Thread

Amazing mythical creatures
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collection of facts about tigers | thumbnail includes a picture of a white tiger 'Bengal tiger - Tigers are the true king of the jungle. They're bigger, ICANHAS BURGER stronger, and heavier than all other cats (including lions). Plus, they really do live in the Asian jungle'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: It’s The Eye Of The Tiger

Laugh and learn.
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article with information about how to keep your pets safe this winter | thumbnail includes two photos of seasonal holiday animals and text 'how cold is too cold for my pet?'

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Pets Happy And Safe This Winter

Have a purrfect holiday season!
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collection of facts about chipmunks | thumbnail includes two pictures of a chipmunk eating a nut 'Eastern chipmunk - ICANHAS CHEEZ BURGER. Most chipmunks prefer to live in underground burrows. Their tunnel systems that can stretch 10 to 30 feet (3 to 9 meters) long'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: Chipmunks And Chip Chip Hooray

Laugh and learn.
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video about extinct animals | thumbnail includes an ancient Egyptian painting of a man being led by two animals

Super Cool Extinct Animals Of Ancient History (Video)

Sometimes, we wanna go back just to see them.
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video of 7 moth species analyzed in slow motion | thumbnail image of moth close up colorful with word "moths" in white text purple background

7 Spectacular Moths in Slow Motion

These spectacular moths were released after filming
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video of baby chameleons changing colors perched on man's finger | thumbnail baby chameleon flicking tongue out while perched on man's finger

Baby Chameleon Changes Color Pattern (Video)

Blending in
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13 tweets regarding octopus anti farming | thumbnail image of red/orange large octopus swimming in clear blue water with tweet text "the brain of a common octopus has 500 million neurons. making it as smart as a dog or a three year old child"

A Thread Against Octopus Farming: Highly Intelligent And Worth Preserving

Octopuses are as intelligent as small children
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story of alligator gar found in kansas | thumbnail shows alligator gar underwater

'Living Fossil' Alligator Gar Found For The First Time In A Kansas River

We've got something weird here
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video of robot dolphin and creation process mission and goals interviews | thumbnail dolphin in water with woman "this dolphin is a robot"

How Robot Dolphins Could End Animal Captivity (Video)

Innovation is the way of the future
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twitter thread about a study proving cats are just as affectionate as dogs | thumbnail includes text that says 'A new study shows that cats may be just as affectionate as dogs. The study, which was published in Current Biology, found that pet cats also have distinct attachment styles toward their owners in the same way dogs and babies do'

Twitter Thread: Study Finds Cats Are Just As Affectionate As Dogs

The purrfect pets.
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