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imgur thread about training cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat 'Training, if done properly, can be extremely enriching and beneficial to a cat (or any other animal).  Don't listen to anyone who tells you cats can't be trained- they absolutely can, and I know because I've done it adrianontherocks'

An Easy-To-Understand Guide To Training Cats From A Feline Behaviorist

Your friendly neighborhood feline behaviorist is at it again.
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viral imgur thread explaining overstimulation in cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat walking 'Sometimes, you'll be petting or playing with your cat- and they'll scratch you, or nip at you.  It happens to all of us!  This kind of behavior is typically referred to as overstimulation, and there are multiple ways it can happen adrianontherocks'

Why Do Cats Bite Their Humans: Viral Thread Explaining Overstimulation In Cats

It doesn't mean they hate you.
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twitter thread about people wanting to adopt kittens before they are ready to be adopted | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Elle Em @elle em People: I would like to adopt a kitten Me: ok well they will be available in like six weeks People: no I want one now Me: they're still bottle-feeding People: ok but they're small and cute now Me: they will be small and cute in six weeks People: no they will be old Me: 12:49 PM - Mar 31, 2022 - Twitter Web App 929 Retweets 128 Quote Tweets 29.4K Likes'

Explaining Why It's Important To Adopt Kittens Only When They Are Ready: Twitter Thread

Waiting a bit is important.
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viral imgur thread about why it's bad to use spray bottles on cats | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat 'Why you shouldn't use a squirt bottle on your cat, and what to do instead adrianontherocks'

Why Using Squirt Bottles On Cats Can Be Harmful Sometimes (Viral Thread)

Be careful with your furbabies please.
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video highlighting rare baby deer | thumbnail image of baby deer close up portrait sticking his tongue out

Rare Baby Deer's Birth Delights Zookeepers (Video)

We love a baby deer
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background snake background "I(27M) have always been an animal lover. I love snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, lizards, geckos, dogs, cats. When I moved out of my parents' house and into my townhome, I decided to adopt a ball python. She is very docile and loves to be held. I set her tank up in one of the rooms downstairs. When my fiance(28F) and I decided that we were ready to move in together, I slowly introduced her to the snake. "

Insensitive Woman Wreaks Havoc On Fiance's Pet Snake, Plays Dumb

Peace out, lady
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video of turtles classified as different species | thumbnail image of several large turtles

Turtles Discovered To Be Entirely Different Species Than Originally Thought (Video)

Slow and steady
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tumblr thread discussing letting indoor cats go outside | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat yelling at a door and one tumblr post 'Font - pangur-and-grim Follow man, I have very little sympathy for people who're like "I gotta let them play in traffic, my cat WAILS and acts MISERABLE unless I let them outside!" because like. .so does mine? at a certain point each day Grim decides she wants out, and until that happens she a) follows me about SCREAMING, and b) sits atop whatever l'm'

Tumblr Thread: People Debate Whether Indoor Cats Should Be Let Outside

What do you think?
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video about inner workings of cocooon | thumbnail animated image of cocoon, green background

Inner Workings Of Caterpillar Cocoons Explained (Video)

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video of scientific discovery ghost shark | thumbnail image of ghostly shark

Scientists Find Baby ‘Ghost Shark’ With Striking Ghostly Appearance (Video)

An amazing discovery
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Hi I'm an EMT and service dog handler and I have some tips for how to keep your dog safe in the car and how to get help EMS care for them in an accident." "Based off of crash tests the best place for your dog is in the rear seat. There are crash tested harnesses that you can buy and secure your dog with. A dog roaming freely becomes a projectile in even minor accidents. Crash tested kennels and crash tested car harnesses are your best bet."

EMT And Service Dog Handler Advises Reddit On How To Best Protect Dogs In Car Accidents

Better safe than sorry
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list of discussion about working in animal shelters | thumbnail "And yet I saw a man today insisting to return a puppy because it was "very aggressive" and he "feared for his safety" so much so that he kept the puppy in the crate. He sent us a video of the "aggression" and my whole team almost died. The puppy was on his back and chewing on his shoelace.... that's it. Calmest example of puppy play l'd seen. Yes, he is no longer allowed to adopt from us."

Beautiful And Less Beautiful Every Day Animal Shelter Occurrences

It happens every day
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a reddit thread about underrated animals | thumbnail includes three animals and text 'what's your favorite underrated animal, and why?'

Redditors Share Their Favorite Underrated Animals

So Interesting!
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13 reddit text images discussion dog training | thumbnail blue background with dog leaning graphic on right side, text "We've had our dog in training since last July (she just turned 1 this month), and the trainer is great and all, but there are some things he "teaches us" that really bothers me and I just kind of say "yeah ok" but don't actually believe in it; for example, he says dogs don't love you because they're binary beings and love isn't in their nature. huh???"

Trainer Tells Doggo Owner Not To Socialize Dog, Perplexed Dog Owner Seeks Advice

A legitimate discussion for dog owners everywhere
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16 gifs and and reddit text images | thumbnail dog in field of yellow flowers with reddit text foreground

Kids Should Ask Owners For Permission Before Petting Dogs: Reddit Users Discussion

Geez louise
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video of oldest aquarium fish | thumbnail image of aquarium fish underwater

Meet Methuselah: The World’s Oldest Aquarium Fish (Video)

The oldest living aquarium fish
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