I Can Has Cheezburger?


twitter thread explaining why a user's dog turned green | thumbnail includes one picture of a dog with a green neck and a tweet 'Font - Dr. Stephanie Olson @ExoStepho I was alarmed to discover that my dog turned GREEN overnight. I had no idea why. But it turns out that, as an early Earth geochemist, I was perfectly prepared to find out!'

Twitter Thread: User Explains Why Her Dog Suddenly Turned Green

A surprisingly scientific and interesting explanation.
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tumblr thread about draft horses | thumbnail includes two pictures of women sitting on draft horses 'Organism - I never made a post about draft horses. :T They are the gentle giants of the horse world, sometimes growing as large as 20 hands and over 2000 lbs. The tallest horse in the world is an American-type Belgian horse named Big Jake (I think???).'

Tumblr Thread: The Gentle Giants Of The Horse World

The bigger they are, the bigger they are.
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informative tumblr thread about how to pet cats | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - prokopetz Follow If you're unsure how to pet a cat (i.e., maybe you didn't have cats around growing up), it can be helpful to bear in mind that petting is a grooming activity. Grooming each other is how cats bond. Of course, each cat will have individual preferences, but the fact that it's a grooming thing gives you two basic places to start: Scratch areas that the cat has difficulty reaching, like the '

Tumblr Thread: Petting Cats Is A Grooming And Bonding Activity

There's a way to pet cats correctly <3
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12 images of victoria crowned pigeons | thumbnail left and right images of the bird

Strikingly Stunning Birb: Victoria Crowned Pigeons Dazzle In Blue

Bright Blue And Beautiful
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12 images of spiders and spider webs scientific and informative | thumbnail left spider web with dew, thumbnail right spider in spider web

Spiderwebs: How Unique Are They Really

Delicately Complex Structures
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funny facts about cats | thumbnail includes two tweets 'Rectangle - UberFacts @UberFacts Cats do recognize the sound of their owners' voice, but they choose to ignore it 12:35 PM - May 21, 2021 - Buffer' and 'Rectangle - UberFacts @UberFacts Most cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn't drink milk 10:32 AM - Mar 27, 2021 - Buffer'

Funny Yet Informative Facts About Cats (Tweets)

Time to learn and laugh.
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study about cats sitting in squares | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sitting in a Kanizsa square

Scientists Have Examined The Mysterious Phenomenon Of Cats Sitting On Squares

Even if that square is an optical illusion.
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informative viral tweets about funny cat facts | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - james tison like "tyson" @doioweyoumoney ... Everyone wants to talk about "gaslighting," nobody wants to talk about "how cats domesticated themselves and modeled their meows off of human baby cries to better manipulate our emotions." 4:06 PM · May 8, 2021 Twitter Web App 15K Retweets 811 Quote Tweets 115.6K Likes'

Funny Yet Informative Viral Tweets About Cats Domesticating Themselves

Some extra funny cat facts for y'all.
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viral informative and funny tweets about dachshunds thumbnail includes one tweet 'Text - Sarah Cooper @sarahcpr I was walking my cockapoo Stella and passed a woman walking her daschund. I asked her if Stella could say hi. She goes, "no way lady, this is a daschund, that should tell you allll you need to know" and I've been thinking about it all day and realized I do need more information 3:54 AM Jan 17, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 5.3K Retweets 1.8K Quote Tweets 131.9K Likes'

Informative And Funny Viral Tweets About Dachshunds

Dachshund owners will relate LOL
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tweets about the pink-necked green pigeon thumbnail includes a picture of the pink-necked green pigeon and a tweet 'Font - Rosemary Mosco (Bird And Moon Comics) @RosemaryMosco ... Replying to @RosemaryMosco Is it a pigeon or a dove? The answer is: Yes. Pigeons and doves belong to the scientific family Columbidae. Within that family, English-speaking folks basically name some species "dove" and some "pigeon" at random. Pigeons = doves. There's no real taxonomic difference. 7:13 PM - Mar 9, 2021'

Informative Tweets Discovering The Beauty Of Unique Pigeons

Who'd have thought that pigeons could be so pretty?
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tumblr thread about how big wolves are thumbnail includes a picture of a dog and a wolf 'Human body - shrewreadings Follow I love how wolves & humans - so disparately sized - looked at each other and said, 'Huh. That looks friend-shaped.' 140,914 notes'

Informative Tumblr Thread About How Huge Wolves Actually Are

Big dangerous fluffballs that we want to pet.
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funny and informative tumblr thread about helping cats eat slowly thumbnail includes a picture of a cat trying to eat from a challenging bowl 'Cat - Kitties who eat too fast get THE PUNI SHMENT B OWL Sometimes cats eat so fast they puke bruh. It's not healthy. pancakemilkshake'

Informative And Funny Tumblr Thread About Helping Cats Eat More Slowly

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tumblr thread explaining the differences between big wild cats thumbnail includes two pictures including a clouded leopard on a tree and a Eurasian lynx 'So, big cat can mean something different to everyone, but let's learn a little bit more about each of the cats listed above'

Informative Tumblr Thread About The Differences Between Big Cats

Big cats and their even bigger personalities.
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tumblr thread about the Black Footed cat thumbnail includes a picture of a man holding a very small cat 'Carnivore - geekwithsandwich Follow OK but you can't mention my all-time favorite cat without also mentioning that these little for being 1000% ready to throw down with | anyone at any time, they've literally been seen trying to fight a giraffe and are known kers are legendary to successfully bring down sheep by getting underneath them and ripping their bellies open like what libertarirynn S'

Tumblr Thread: One Of The Smallest But Fiercest Kittens

Smol fluffy murdermuffin.
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panda cubs national geographic raising breeding informative endangered giant baby animals youtube aww cute adorable video

Raising Adorable Panda Cubs (Video)

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dogs sleeping positions interesting informative animals doggos pups puppies aww cute

Dog Sleeping Positions And What They Mean

3 sleeping positions and the meaning behind each
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