I Can Has Cheezburger?


job analysis

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Human Shaming

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Kneel for me, human.

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How come nobody holding onto you?

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Humans Are Smarter Than You Think!

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She Fed Me Tuna, Scritched My Ears, (and You Won't Believe This Next Part) ...

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The shame of it...

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I Should Never Have Taught My Cat To Speak, Now I Have To Listen To Him Tell LIES!

Funny cat meme of a cat that is blaming the dog for typical cat stuff such as shredding the curtains. Teach you cat to speak, and all you will hear are lies.
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Recipe: How to help yur hoomin take a baffs.

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Just Keep Swimming

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On the Interstate Nobody Knows You Are a Dog

on the interstate nobody knows you are a dog
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This Is How I Feel When People Never Stop Talking About Their Problems And I Have To Act Like I Care.

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Train A Slave Early, And He'll STAY Trained!

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my first instinct when i see an animal is to say hello
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Sometimes I swear my friend's dog is a human in dogs skin

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