I Can Has Cheezburger?



15 Photos That Celebrates the Special Bond Between Dogs and Their Humans

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15 cats with funny human facial expressions

Cat Facial Expressions Express Their Deep Hilarious Thoughts

Cats' human facial expressions are perfect for memes
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Healthy Human foods for your dog

10 “Human” Foods You Can Safely Give Your Dog

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How to Spot a Cat Person's Home

photo comics of a cat person home
Via cat versus human.com
comics of animals revealing their human like problems

Animals Sharing Their Human- Like Problems in This Brilliant Comics

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A black cat that is sitting on a bin and looking really like a human sitting and looks interested in the conversation - cover for a list of cats sitting like humans and their expressions

These Cats Have Decided It's Time To Sit Like Humans (15 Photos)

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Tips on cat's sleeping habits

Few Invaluable Tips to Help You and Your Kitty Enjoy a Good Night Sleep Together

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video of a cat that thought herself to use the toilet like a person

The Cat Who Taught Herself to Use the Toilet

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Web comics about Cats and Men switching rules

What Would Happen If Cats And Humans Switched Roles

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Dog With Human Hands Eats Some Yummy Bacon

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14 dogs dressed like humans based on their special characteristics - Poodle dressed in a fancy suit.

14 Photos Of Dogs Dressed In Human Clothing Based On Their Personalities

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Interesting Thought...

Funny shower thought meme of questioning if the dog follows you to the bathroom because you always follow him outside for the same purpose.
Via reddit
pets human funny - 1963781

I'm Only Human After All

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human Cats funny - 1964293

I Have No Idea How To Use Those weird Human Stuff

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job analysis

human exhausting caption Cats - 8999418368
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