I Can Has Cheezburger?


He Thought He Will Make It

Funny cat meme of a cat that is stuck in tree with two different sets of paws on two separate branches
Via Happy Cats


funny cat meme of kitty asking for help to save you from the water
Via The Meta Picture

Well That Escalated Quickly

well that escalated quickly
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halp - 7418066176
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gifs halp stuck help hedgehog - 6890602240
Created by Unknown

Send Help, I've Been Here for Weeks--

gifs box halp stuck trapped help Cats - 6836781056
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gifs face halp stuck toilet paper hedgehog - 6818375936
Created by Unknown

Real Men rescue cats

real men men rescue Cats captions water halp help categoryimage - 6645293568
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You Okay

bob captions Cats halp Okay printer stuck - 6442719488
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bath captions Cats halp help sink - 6575973888
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Lolcats: Get me some "down" claws, please

captions Cats claws climb halp pole stuck trapped tree up - 6439047424
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cat halp help stuck trapped - 5874186240
Created by Unknown

Lolcats: Don't bother me.

blinds Cats destruction escape halp lolcats plan stuck trapped - 6314264064
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Animal Gifs: Halp?

gifs halp help high news raccoon raccoons stuck trapped - 6283273984
Created by Unknown

Snd Hlp

baby halp help pretend stroller torture - 6209187584
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couch eat Hall of Fame halp help paws sofa stuck - 6199927552
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