I Can Has Cheezburger?


What a Precious Sleeping Giraffe

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Mom! I'm Too Tall for This!

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Mama and Her Baby

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Alright, but no Tongue

KISS tongue funny giraffes - 7870325504
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Travel: A Perk of Being Employed by Best Buy

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By Unknown

He's a Really Big Fanny of it

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By Unknown

These Rockers Don't Mess Around

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Giraffe Kisses!

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Young Giraffe and Ostrich Play Chase

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Whoops, Didn't See You All The Way Down There

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New Arrival

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Giraffe Calf Born in Knuthenborg Park

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Giraffes Are the Bestest of Friends

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By goldengal

It's for Wusses

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By dbvics

For the Extreme Giraffe

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Cause That Would Be Dull

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