I Can Has Cheezburger?


At the Vatican Zoo

pope address zoo giraffes animals - 6724592384
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Emerald City Public Zoo

wizard of oz no way Movie giraffes quote - 6720766720
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It Is Cold Season After All

shut cold giraffes window - 6717899264
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The Non-Frightning Cerebrus

first three heads giraffes attempt mistake - 6638609920
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Just a Hunch

giraffes three heads what - 6636752384
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captions drunk fall falling friends giraffes helping roads wasted - 6629321728
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Squee Spree: Catch You Later Giraffes!

baby giraffes mommy smile squee spree - 6619464448
Via Houston Zoo

Daily Squee: Squee Spree: Lazy Tongue

giraffes lazy squee squee spree tired tongue - 6616791552
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It's a Tiring Job

baby giraffes nap time periscope sleeping tired - 6565760000
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Squee Spree: Bad Hair Day

baby bad hair day floof giraffes squee spree - 6613946624
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Squee Spree: Grooming

baby giraffes grooming mommy squee spree - 6611139328
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Squee Spree: Giraffe Victory!

baby giraffes poll results squee spree winner - 6610226176
Via Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum

Squee Spree: Zebra vs. Giraffe

face off giraffes poll squee spree versus zebra - 6598674176
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Environmentalist Giraffe

better giraffes hugging kissing love trees - 6523455744
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Daily Squee: Standing Is Hard

baby challenge giraffes squee standing - 6375521024
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Giraffe Tongue Twisters

giraffes licking tree - 6522156544
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