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The Cute-sual Suspects

zoo cute giraffes - 8387228672
Via Santa Barbara Zoo

No Man Can Truly Tame a Dogiraffe

sweater giraffes - 8377572864
Via Azurill

It's Not Even Halloween Anymore

costume french bulldogs giraffes - 8370548480
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This Giraffe Calf Was Born Squee-dorable

zoo cute giraffes - 8348888320
Via Franklin Park Zoo

Ah, Nevermind I'll Just Hang Out Here

Babies cute critters gifs giraffes - 8327078400

Alright, Let's Roll

gifs critters giraffes - 8302817024
Via Bing

Giraffe From a GoPro Point of View

gifs GoPro critters cameras giraffes - 8144739840
Via Gifak Net

Guaranteed to Wash Off Anything

kids giraffes mom parenting spit - 8305629184
Via love_the_heat

Got Your Nose

Elephant and giraffe playing thru a fence and the elephant appears to be playing gotcha nose with the tall one
Created by ToolBee ( Via Baby Elephant Gifs - Reddit )

You Just Have to Get on Their Level to Understand Them

hugging cute love giraffes - 8291631360
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Really, REALLY High Heels

girls giraffes - 8286725376
Via acidcow

Must Go Faster!

gifs chase safari giraffes - 8279953152
Via iBleeedorange

Never Feed a Giraffe a Cheerio

kids giraffes - 8233108224
Via Ariana Nuanes

They'll Share Our Long Necks

cute giraffes ostrich love - 8233107200
Via Bonita Farthing

A Real Joker

africa giraffes puns - 8225985280
See all captions Created by olmatuck

I Love You Too, Mama!

Babies kisses mama cute giraffes - 8186446336
Via nita999