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pictures of cats who have only one eye | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat with one eye 'We adopted Klaus today! He has 1 eye, half of each ear, and a partially amputated tail, but we think he’s a perfect handsome baby. u/RoopeyScoobie'

Criminally Cute Pirate Kitties: Gorgeous One-Eyed Cats Who Let Nothing Stop Their Mischievousness

Adorable lil pirates
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28 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people contributed with pictures of their cross-eyed cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a black and white cat with huge black eyes and a picture of a strawberry blond cat with blue crossed eyes licking a treat 'shoutout to all the cross-eyed cats out there'

28 Pictures Of Cross-Eyed Cats That Are Absolutely Perfect In Our Eyes

Shout out to all the cross-eyed felines!
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video of a mom cat seeing her kitten open its eyes for the first time | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat looking at a tiny kitten

Mother Cat Notices That Her Kitten's Eyes Have Opened, And Her Reaction Is Awwdorable (Video)

So much wholesomeness.
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explanatory video why cats have vertical pupils | thumbnail animated image of cat face close up, bold large text "why do cats have vertical pupils" light green blend background

Why Do Cats Have Vertical Pupils: Explanatory TED Ed Lesson (Video)

Pawesome and educational
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18 pictures of cute spider | thumbnail left red background grey fuzzy spider, thumbnail right spider sitting in leaf cute

18 Cute Spiders To Help Change Your Perception About These Furry Legged Critters

Legs and cuteness for days
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17 images and video of sea snails | thumbnail left sea snail, thumbnail right also sea snail

Oogly Boogly Googly Eyed Sea Snails

Meet Gary From Spongebob's Cousins
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video of kittens opening their eyes for the first time thumbnail includes a picture of a tiny kitten with its eyes mostly closed

Squeaky Baby Kittens Open Their Eyes For The Very First Time (Video)

The tiniest fluffiest squeaky kittens seeing the world.
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newest pixie and brutus comic about lit up eyes - thumbnail of two comic panels where pixie is showing brutus what happens when she shines a light onto her eyes | Hehe! Pretty cool right Very cool

Newest "Pixie and Brutus" Comic Is 'Very Cool'

Very, very cool... and cute
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zeus the blind owl and his eyes that look like galaxies - thumbnail includes two images of zeus and his galaxy eyes big round deep blue eyes with white flecks speckles like stars constellations

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Zeus, The Blind Owl

Eyes that hold the galaxy
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corgi that has one eye and two noses is living happily with two other corgis thumbnail has a picture of a corgi with one eye and two noses

Cheerful Corgi Has One Eye And Two Noses

Corgi born with one eye and two noses is living happily with two other corgis
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dark side animals photography awesome cool melanistic animal beautiful photos art | adorable white bunny with dark marks around its eyes | person petting a brown owl

Welcome To The Dark Side: Animal Edition

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japanese flying dwarf squirrel squirrels animals japan aww adorable cute precious disney eyes

Round And Insanely Adorable: Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel

The cutest squirrel EVER
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milk cat eyes instagram spotlight adorable aww cute beautiful pics vids viral star animals | black cat with large round eyes in two different colors yellow and blue heterochromia iridum

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Milk, The Scottish Fold

Big-eyed cutie
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animal insect eyes facts wtf crazy interesting cool wow pics | Cats can see eight times better than humans | Llamas have eyes adjust high altitudes. Suren Manvelyan zoomed in closeup micro photography

Animals And Insects Eyes And Facts (38 Pics)

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cats green eyes instagram animals beautiful | grey cat with stunning emerald green turquoise eyes pinprick pupils and dilated

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Wild Cat Fiona

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kittens opening eyes video aww adorable cute youtube animals sports

Eyeball Watch 2020: Kittens Opening Their Eyes For The First Time (Video)

Cutest video ever
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