I Can Has Cheezburger?


You're Not So Hot Yourself, There, Mister

bulldog duck duckling puppy - 6270797312
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A Duck's Pond is His Castle

duck excuse me home living room pond power - 6237705472
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Just Putting That Out There

begging burrito duck eating hinting hungry sigh - 6031728384
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Good Samaritan

baby duck duckling gifs help little mom small - 6075143680
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bird birds duck ducks fetch play toy Video wtf - 36607745

Animal Videos: Duck Plays Fetch

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bird birds climb duck ducks help mom small Video - 36420097

Animal Videos: Ducklings Need Help

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bird cat duck james bond lolcat reference - 6003125248
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cross duck ducks spring Video walk - 35878401

Animal Videos: DC Ducklings

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Animal Capshunz: Someday My Wrap Will Come

birds duck ducks food hungry noms SOON take thief - 6013271552
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Animal Capshunz: Platypus Humor

call cute duck noise platypus - 5978955264
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I'll Be Back In The Water Soon Enough

clean dry duck swim wait water - 5980968448
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Where is Ebbreybuddy?

committee duck duckling first meeting waiting - 5975606528
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If I Hear Santorum's Voice One More Time, I'm Going to Snap!

duck duckling election political politics run - 5868828928
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Animal Capshunz: You Don't Play Fair!

caption children duck duckling ducklings ducks friends home playing run away upset - 5865169664
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Today is Going to be a Good Day

best of the week duck duckling Hall of Fame handsome mirror - 5865100288
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Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you.

birds duck fear phobia watching you - 5837976576
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