I Can Has Cheezburger?



duck birds gasp eyes goose - 6964873216
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Fail Duck

duck FAIL snow crash faceplant - 6836969728
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Always Bet on the Gosling

gifs duckling duck fight goose chihuahua play - 6741563136
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Sinky Duckie

gifs duckling duck birds swim sink - 6748468992
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That Darn Stork Messed Up Again!

duck stork kids mother captions Cats - 6763110656
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You Should See His Cosby Impression

quack duck polar bear traffic cone impression - 6616798976
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This Pond Sucks

duck space toilet pond i has it - 5777197568
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Whatsit: Shovel Bill Bird

bird duck floof whatsit - 6635369472
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Ugly Duckling

bird duck duckling shadow ugly duckling - 6375531264
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Baby Duck Billed Platysquee

beaver duck duck bill platypus - 6440273152
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birds climb duck escalator gifs hop - 6576162816
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There's No Hope for This One

duck duckling falling family Father mother - 6499505408
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Why, When I Was Your Age...

annoyed duck ducklings kids mom srsly - 6497988352
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I'm warning you!

dachshund duck peeing statue warning - 6481367552
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I Don't Speak Duck

duck help important no time to explain president quacking - 6485667072
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Animal Capshunz: Why We Rarely Go to Movies

annoying captions children duck ducklings kids movies parenting questions - 6463295488
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