I Can Has Cheezburger?


And You're Not Even Actually a Swan

duck ducklings reflection siblings swan ugly - 6446446336
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Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Ducky

chocolate lab cyoot puppy ob teh day duck stuffed animal - 6497848064
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Just Keep Swimming

bird duck duckling swimming underwater - 6253801216
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Ducks Love Laser Pointers Too!

birds chase duck gifs laser red dot - 6450332672
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Abandon Tree!

cute duck duckling gifs jump log wood - 6433775872
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Walking the Duckling

duck duckling exercise gifs run treadmill walk - 6436927488
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charge cute duck duckling run stampede - 6344721152
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Animal Gifs: Duckie Yawn

birds duck duckling ducklings ducks Fluffy gifs sleepy tired yawn yawning - 6344911104
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Reader Squee: Darwin The Duck

duck duckling pet reader squee - 6362174464
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bathroom confused duck duckling sink swear wtf - 6355489792
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Koi Little Duckling

duck feeding gifs pond - 6325249280
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I Has A Hotdog: The Duck Did It

birds duck ducks pun puns what breed - 6253581824
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Daily Squee: Fashionable Ducky!

birds duck duckling ducklings ducks fancy fashionable Hall of Fame squee top hat - 6184757504
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The Duck Whisperer

animal attack bite calm duck nose - 6307874816
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Basement cat

basement cat duck friend - 6286584576
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