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Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

I Don't Monkey Around With That Stuff

cat drugs monkey on your back funny - 7563325440
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Until Then....Wheeeeee!

drugs vet funny - 7424826624
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Catnip: Not Even Once

drugs catnip psa Cats - 7148044032
Via Mutteringly

Whoah Dude

GIF of a cat alternating paw fists with rainbow vibes oozing out.

10 Cat

drugs meme Cats funny - 7057809664
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Not the Type You Were Thinking

cat drugs rose pot flowers funny - 6996624896
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I Know How to Deal With Cops

cat drugs car driving funny - 6973572608
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Yup, preddy shur!

drugs puppies high what breed - 6873173504
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I knowed dat pill da hoomin gave me wasn't da one frum da vet

drugs captions vet Cats space keyboard - 6897054720
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I Don't Have to Listen to a Talking Cucumber Anyway

crazy drugs goats messed up - 6816464640
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drugs fake comedians trailers Cats Video - 45277953

8 to Go: The Story of a Cat and His Destructive Descent Into the World of Deejaying

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drugs england Video - 44698881

Meet Paddy, the NHS's Drug-Sniffing Dog

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Visiting Cousins. They're ALL Like This.

ferret drugs catnip family Cats cousin - 6778837504
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Fun With Nip

gifs drugs catnip trippy Cats - 6760006144


gifs roll drugs catnip high tiger - 6763316480
Video surgery drugs chewbacca star wars sounds high - 43422977

Dog Wakes Up From Surgery, Sounds Like Chewbacca

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