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Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Crime Still Pays

drugs cash nip Cats black cat - 8393006336
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Am I Flyin'... Cuz Aifink I'n Flyin'

drugs catnip high Cats - 8368174336
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Just Some Bad Shroom

unicorn snails drugs Mushrooms - 8360903936
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I Think the Acid Just Kicked In

chihuahua drugs - 8356923392
Created by anselmbe

Keep Your Nose Out of It

drugs anteater funny - 8248886784
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I Can Barely Bear the Sight of This

bears drugs puns - 8228462848
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Kids are Doing Drugs Younger and Younger These Days

chicks drugs eggs funny - 8184047104
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It Takes a High Amount of Talent to Talk to Talks

drugs funny police - 8182680832
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Do What The Cat Says

violence gangster drugs Cats funny - 8146649856
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They Put the WOW in "Bow Wow"

life drugs cute pugs - 8115215360
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Things Get Crazy on Catnip

Cats crazy catnip drugs diapers funny - 8074249728

It Just Takes One Time...

cat nip kitten drugs Cats - 8052260608

Stick To Kibbles & Bits Please

drugs - 7780786944

Oh, Well, Then Forget It!

drugs bears hibernation funny - 7706656000
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Just Say No

cat nip drugs funny - 7701927424

I'm Gonna Get so Hay Off This

drugs pun high goats funny - 7597303040
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