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Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

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Rastafarian Cats Get High-as-a-Kite and Learn the Real Meaning of “420” Bliss When Sampling Anti-Anxiety Medication, Making the Internet a Little Jealous

pass the purp
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Woman's cat accidentally eats weed cookie, and the Twitter thread that follows | My horrible gremlin kitten snarfed an entire weed cookie and got violently high other day thread. Carmine Deville @Carmine_Devi 14h Replying Carmine_Deville Firstly wanna preface this by saying she's fine, because this cat is an indestructible Dumpster Demon TM with stomach steel. Her father raccoon and her mother ate and shat nails. She'd fight god half stale bagel and win. 1 Carmine Deville @Carmine_Devi

Twitter Thread: Gremlin Kitten Snarfs Weed Cookie

The goblin was fine in the end!
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drugs campaign weed Video sloth - 89184513

"Stoner Sloth" Is An Australian Anti-Drug Campaign And It's Hilarious

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news drugs puppy Video rescue - 358407

Puppy Rescued From a Car Turns out to Be Suffering From Something Unimaginable

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Ask Your Doctor if Cats Are Right for You

ask your doctor if cats are right for you
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Why Do You Smell Like a Skunk?

why do you smell like a skunk
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drugs Cats Video animals - 77554433

Weekend Lifestyle Goal: This Cat Rolling in Catnip

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drugs vine Awkward Owl - 71645441

Whooo Knew They Would Be So Persistent?

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Cats drugs high I Can Has Cheezburger meow stoned - 5532074752
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Hey Ladies

cow drugs horns - 8466593280
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Way More Intense Than Nip

warning drugs lick tongue Cats frog - 8454028032
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Better Lie Low for While

busted drugs catnip Cats - 8464417280
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Special blend

cat nip drugs high Cats - 8382948608
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I Got Nip and Bacon

animals drugs stuck couch hide - 8440589056
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You Better Whip Yourself Into Shape

animals whippet crazy drugs puns - 8418502400
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I Think My Puppy Has a Drug Problem

drugs puppy golden retriever - 8422712576
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