I Can Has Cheezburger?


funny article about a dolphin staring at food at a wedding reception | thumbnail includes text saying 'Whose idea was it to have this rehersal dinner at an aquarium? This dolphin has just been staring at the food.'

Hungry Dolphin Stares Down Catering At Wedding, Steals The Show

Can I have a bite?
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video of robot dolphin and creation process mission and goals interviews | thumbnail dolphin in water with woman "this dolphin is a robot"

How Robot Dolphins Could End Animal Captivity (Video)

Innovation is the way of the future
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cool viral videos hilarious freak out dolphin mariah carey twitter singing dolphins ocean lol tweets amazing silly funny tweets funny animals - 14381829

Dolphin Freaking Out Over Mariah Carey’s High Note (Viral Tweets)

A m a z i n g .
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tumblr posts about the stereotypes surrounding dolphins and sharks | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - O pizzaback-deactivated20201011 I hate how the stereotype is that dolphins are good and sharks are evil, when dolphins are so smart that they have the capacity for evil but sharks are simple fish who can only be true neutral, so even if a minority of dolphins are evil there are still more evil dolphins than sharks rageclit quality marine philosophy discourse'

Tumblr Posts: How Shark And Dolphin Stereotypes Are So Wrong

Sharks are actually super very nice and kind.
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wholesome posts about dolphins for National Dolphin Day thumbnail includes two pictures of dolphins carrying corals 'Dolphins in Australia have been bringing gifts of coral to shore because they are missing interacting with visitors u/elch3w'

Dolphin Wholesomeness And Appreciation For National Dolphin Day

Happy National Dolphin Day!
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story about a stranded dolphin who was rescued and released back into the wild in India thumbnail includes two pictures including people carrying the dolphin on a stretcher together and another of a man holding the dolphin about to release it into the river

Dolphin Stranded In A Canal Rescued And Released Back Into The Wild

A happy ending to a dolphin who was stuck for hours
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dog and dolphin swim and play together in water unusual animal friendship

Wild Dolphin And Dog Play Together In The Water (Video)

One of the most wholesome animal friendships ever
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hippo hippos jump whale beautiful cool cute aww animals video amazing dolphin youtube

Hippo Fiona Channels Inner Whale In Jumps(Video)

So gracefully, too
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dolphin gifts items treasure animals cool beautiful smart intelligent cute aww | dolphin swimming close to the surface of the water with a piece of corals balanced on its snout

Adorable Dolphin Brings Humans Gifts From The Bottom Of The Ocean

Cute and smart
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dolphins magic bioluminescent glowing animals sea life beautiful cool night

Glowing Dolphins After Sunset (Video)

Pure magic
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Funny dolphin memes | CAN HELP UR MY LIVING ROOM dolphin jumping above water next to a boat

Celebrating Dolphin Day With Some Playful Memes

Dolphin memes
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Dolphin juggling jellyfish in the air in Denmark - Danish sailors shocked by playful dolphin juggling jellyfish

This Dolphin Turned a Jellyfish Into a Beanbag

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dolphin bobbing in the blue water

10 Delightful Dolphin GIFs

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Cat Feels Bad For "Sea Cat"

a funny picture of a black cat telling his new friend the dolphin who he thinks is a cat as well that he's sorry he has to take a bath all the time
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dolphin list cute - 1949189

Dogs and Dolphins Have Made a Habit out of Forming Unlikely Friendships

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dolphin puppy Video - 82691585

French Bulldog Puppy Does His Best Dolphin Impression and Nails It

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