I Can Has Cheezburger?


Stop Screaming and Just Answer the Door

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The Brave Crocodile Hunter

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And ya won't hear me say, "In a while crocodile" neither!

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Animal Capshunz: In This Case, it's For the Best

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They Gave Me the Boot

at first i was like boots crocodile skin - 6373258752
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You Think She Looks Leathery Now?

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I'd Like to Invite Him for Dinner

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The New Crocodile Hunter

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Animal Capshunz: Your Boss

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I Has A Hotdog: Watch Out!

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Crockie Died On the Way Back to His Home Planet

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Animal Capshunz: That's the Whole Story, Officer

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42 Crocodiles

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Someone's Gotta Save the Show!

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Dental Health is Always Important

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Crocodile-style Teethcleaning

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