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video of cats reacting to a lifelike crocodile statue | thumbnail includes a bunch of cats next to a crocodile statue

Cats Fiercely Battle And Conquer A Spooky Lifelike Crocodile Statue (Video)

It was a difficult battle.
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video about discovery of mummified crocodiles | thumbnail image of mummified crocodile with people inspecting it

Mummified Crocodile Found In Classroom Floorboards (Video)

Field trip... to the floorboards?
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video about an alligator sanctuary | thumbnail is a photo of the alligators from overhead

The Alligator Sanctuary Which Rescues Unwanted Pets (Video)

A safe place for a dangerous species.
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a compilation of alligator memes and tweets | thumbnail includes text saying 'meanwhile in Florida, the finders keeper game is strong' and a picture of an alligator with a pool float

Glorious Gator Memes and Tweets That Will Croc Your World

Croc-a-doodle do, it's a beautiful morning all over the animal kingdom! Today we're focusing on a reptile that is often a little bit misunderstood, often a tiny bit feared, the humble alligator . Alligators are pretty cool animals to look at from afar, both on land and underwater . When we think about alligators, we might think of informative facts or scary movies, but alligators actually have a pretty hilarious side to them, a meme kind of side. That's right, despite being cold-blooded, both a…
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tumblr thread about crocodile dads carrying their babies | thumbnail includes a picture of a crocodile carrying many crocodile babies and a section of a tumblr post 'Water - kaijutegu Follow Everyone in the notes is saying mama, but that's dad. See the lump on his nose? Only males have those. It's actually where they got their name; the lumps tend to resemble earthenware cooking pots called ghara. What we're seeing here is a really good dad. This is par for the course for gharials, though-'

Tumblr Thread: Crocodile Dads Are The Best

Unexpectedly wholesome <3
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viral tweets about what crocodiles look like underwater thumbnail includes a picture of a crocodile floating underwater and one tweet 'Water - Hal @xoHali I seen how crocodiles look underwater and I can't stop laughing e 12:11 AM - Apr 20, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 101.8K Retweets 11.2K Quote Tweets 515.6K Likes'

What Crocodiles Look Like Underwater (Funny Viral Tweets)

So terrifying yet SO funny.
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story about the world's oldest Nile crocodile celebrating its 120th birthday thumbnail includes one picture of a crocodile

Celebrating The 120th Birthday Of The Oldest Known Nile Crocodile

Happy birthday!!!
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pictures of crocodile skinks that looks like tiny baby dragons thumbnail includes two pictures including tiny crocodile skinks on somebody's hand and another of tiny baby skinks held in both of someone's hands

Crocodile Skinks Look Like Tiny Baby Dragons

big rawwwr from tiny dragons
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video of a man building a huge pond for tiny newborn crocodiles thumbnail includes a picture of the huge pond with its two huge crocodile statues and a man holding a basket full of baby crocodiles that he's about to put in the pond

Man Builds Huge Pond For Newborn Crocodiles

Huge crocodiles surrounding baby crocodiles
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Sketching Science

which came first the chicken or the egg? graph showing a timeline of eggs already existing before birds with turtles lizards snakes crocodiles and chickens appeared after
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Alligator- Crocodile: An Origin Story

top pic showing a cell splitting in two. bottom pic shows an alligator and a crocodile facing each other. see you later alligator. in a while crocodile. 2.4 billion years later: been a while. i missed you.
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Crocodile Tour Guide

crocodile cute funny frogs - 9337988864
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steve irwin and his son

Robert Irwin shares Incredible Side-By-Side Photos of Him And His Dad 15 Years Apart

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world crocodile comics human web comics - 6532357

Being a Crocodile In The Humans World Could Be Quite Complicated (Comics)

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The Greatest Shoes Ever Made

a guy with crocodile shoes
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Careful, That Croc Looks Like a Bully

crocodile river bully - 9006646528
Via Hawkfan86
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