I Can Has Cheezburger?


I Feel Pretty and Witty and Bright

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Aww Yiss

aww yiss
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Taking the Cheerio Challenge to the Next Level

alligator cheerio challenge
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Look at Me, I'm a Crocodog!

look at me im a crocodog
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Crocodile Slip And Slide

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I Hate When People Leave Alligators On The Road

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This Baby Hippo Likes to Live on the Edge and Play With Crocodiles

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Lucky Animals Survive a Very Close Call When a Crocodile Tries (and Fails) to Eat Them

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Scaredy Croc

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Crocodile Husky is Evolving

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The Age-Old Mystery is Finally Solved

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Much More Than Crocodile Tears

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Dogs are For Americans

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Who's Gonna Win?

Gif of a lion roaring down a crocodile back into the water.
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One Seriously Cute Croc

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Puggodiles Have Pointier Snouts

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