I Can Has Cheezburger?


Keep still and don't move, your camouflage is perfect. Now dive in a puddle of mud throw some sticks and leaves on yourself, and you're ready to be hidden. Check out these shady and well-hidden jokes and their meanings.

Find Your Monday Happy Place

animals hide camouflage Cats monday - 8421372928
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cow stuck camouflage - 8425021696
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I No Longer Fear The Vacuum Beast

camouflage vacuum - 8316594176
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Or Did He?

rugs camouflage funny - 8273870080
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Can You Spot Him?

dalmatian camouflage spots - 8266480640
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I'm Tired of Being Walked on

cute camouflage - 8263038976
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Cats camouflage hot dogs - 8220480512
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Is That Bush Sticking His Tongue Out at Me?

elk deer camouflage hunting - 8218353920
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Oh There He is...RUN!

hidden camouflage hunting - 8106518272
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The Only Way They Feel Safe Enough to Sleep

camouflage sleeping funny - 8090873600
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Nobody's Here but Us Teddy Bears

Cats cute camouflage teddy bear stealth - 8080789760
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Camo in the City

cute camouflage owls - 8025975040
Created by Chris10a

That's an After-Shower Disaster Waiting to Happen

bathroom camouflage Cats - 8040645376
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Camouflage Cuteness Level 100

cute otters camouflage leaves - 8043271936
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Hey, I'm Lying Here!

octopuses are aliens - Nature
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The Common Patoo is One Cute Master of Camouflage

disguise birds videos camouflage - 8030276608
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