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Keep still and don't move, your camouflage is perfect. Now dive in a puddle of mud throw some sticks and leaves on yourself, and you're ready to be hidden. Check out these shady and well-hidden jokes and their meanings.

28 pictures of cats hiding | Thumbnail includes one picture of a cat behind a candlestick and one picture of a cat hiding in a bathtub

Meowsters of Disguise: 28 Hilarious Examples Of Owners Losing Their Cats Because Of Their Purrfect Cameowflage

Silence is golden, unless you own a cat
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tweets about a cat who looks exactly like a ceramic doll | thumbnail includes two pictures of a white cat and a tweet 'Tableware - Sophie Gadd @sophie_gadd Keep losing my cat in the house because she looks like a ceramic ornament 1:23 PM . Jul 21, 2023 2.7M Views 6,317 Retweets 179 Quotes 75.8K Likes 909 Bookmarks'

Cat Bamboozles Human By Looking Like A Ceramic Ornament, And Other Purrfectly Camouflaged Cats (Funny Tweets)

What cat? We don't see anything
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26 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Plant community' and 'Shelf - SE UBRARY MATT HAI 2 GEORGE RR MARTIN 17RE LEA Jeremy Clarkson out WRECKERS INSIDE F1 100 ege 106.'

'There Is No Cat In This Image': 25 Hilarious Tweets Of Kitties Who Are Next Level Masters At Ca-meow-flage

Can you find them all?
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List of funny and cute cat images | thumbnail includes two images including a cat hiding in plants and a cat on a rug.

Super Stealthy Kitties: 16 Pics Of Magnificent Meowsters Of Camouflage

Impawsibly stealthy.
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21 pictures of cats hiding in plain sight | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black kitten next to black cat figurines and a black cat hiding behind a leaf

The Art Of Feline Camouflage: 21 Whiskered Ninjas Blending Into Their Surroundings

Now you see me... now you see me a little less
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List of funny cat pictures | thumbnail includes two cat pictures including one of a white cat hard to see on a white rug and one including of three black cats and one gray cat hard to see against the gray ground with text 'Cat - These four cats are cute.'

15 Kitties With Ultra Camouflage Skills Proving That All Cats Are Secretly Spies

Can you find all the kitties hiding in these pictures? Trust us, they get hard!
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List of funny and cute cat images | thumbnail includes two images including

Mystical Meowsters Of Stealth: 15 Pics Of Sneaky Kitties Becoming One With The Shadows

For cats its called ca-meow-flage.
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 List of funny and cute cat images | thumbnail includes two images including a cat on a step and a cat on a forest floor.

Spot The Fur-Baby: 16 Pics Of Super Stealthy Cats That Blend Purfectly Into Their Surroundings

Extra points if you find the cat in pic 11.
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An 'I Spy' game of find the animal | thumbnail includes two photos and the text 'Find the hidden animal'

Spot The Pet Hiding In Plain Sight: Fun Photo Challenge

Surprisingly Difficult
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collection of pictures of black cats camouflaging into things | thumbnail includes two pictures of black cats one in a bag and one behind a white cat

Void Appreciation Thread: Trying To Take Photos Of Black Cats Be Like

Just gotta try harder lol.
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video of baby chameleons changing colors perched on man's finger | thumbnail baby chameleon flicking tongue out while perched on man's finger

Baby Chameleon Changes Color Pattern (Video)

Blending in
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tiny white kitten perfectly camouflaged in giant white christmas tree - thumbnail of giant white christmas tree and a kitten hidden within it "can you spot me?"

Adorable Kitten Purrfectly Camouflaged In Beautiful Christmas Tree

Can you spot the kitten?
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pictures and a video of the dead leaf butterfly thumbnail includes two pictures of the dead leaf butterfly one with its wings open and the other with its wings only slightly open

Butterfly Looks Like A Dry Leaf Outside But Is Beautiful Inside

The perfect most stunning camouflage
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camouflage cats funny lol cute aww animals cat kitten kittens kitties pics photos | adorable black kitten snuggled on top of a black mouse pad | funny cat peeking from between shelves

Cat Camouflage Trainees In Action (14 Pics)

Practically masters already
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comics funny cats camouflage lol animals cute web aww | cartoon illustration person looking under bed Sometimes try find my other Cat not here

Artist's Comic "CATouflage" Is Delightful

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food cats funny pics animals aww cute lol disguise camouflage | Melted mozzarella pic of a white cat lying belly down with its legs hidden on a pillow shaped like a piece of bread looking like a melted piece of cheese

Order Up: Cats Mastering The Art Of Disguising As Food

Is there anything they can't do
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