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Animal Gifs: BACK OFF, CHILD

attack bat cat Cats child claws couch defend gifs hit kids paw scary - 6240299008

Daily Squee: Squee Spree - Super Stretch!

baby bat bats feed fingers squee spree stretch tiny wings - 6210927616
Via Cute n Tiny

Daily Squee: Squee Spree - I'm All Ears

baby bat bats ears fingers hand squee spree tiny - 4360329984
Created by anotaai

Squee Spree: Upside Down Win!

bat bats sleeping squee spree upside down wings winner - 6196584960

Squee Spree: Bats vs. Sea Turtles

bat Battle contest sea turtle squee spree vote - 6189383680
bat Video - 35509249

Animal Videos: Space Bat In Memorium

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Animal Gifs: Dishwasher Tetherball

bat cat games gifs paw play sit - 5905974528

This Fake Plant. I Like It.

bat cat paw plant play - 5934584576

Vicious Beast in the Shadows

attack bat cat couch evil hide kid toddler - 5911587072

Teeny Bat

baby bat tiny wings wrinkly - 5896530688
Created by kat27406 ( Via Wikimedia )

Baby, You Look Good!

bat hot lookin-good - 5853443328
See all captions Created by trixieKitten

Just a Trim, Lady! Just a Trim!

adorable bat best of the week brush Hall of Fame - 5851640832
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baby bat play toys - 5685651712
baby bat Growing Hall of Fame heartwarming recovery story touching Video - 32540673

VIDEO: Rockabye Baby Bat

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Bats of a Feather...

adage bat bats clarification clinging family feather idiom literalism pun stick together togetherness - 5716803328
Via All Creatures

Couch Swipe

bat cat couch paw - 5680790528