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hospital for orphaned bats in australia

Only In Australia: a Special Hospital That Takes Care Of Orphaned Bats

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bat bats Video squeak - 80060417

Bat Lets Out Adorable Squeaks While Enjoying a Massage

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Wary Baby Bat

baby gifs bat - 8596849152
Created by Unknown

Vampire Fruit Bat

bat juice squee vampire - 8363578880
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The Cutest Bat-Metronome Ever

gif bat - 7755584768

Blop Blop Blop

baby bat - 7733068800
Via Tumblr

Ode To a Pollinator

poem funny bat - 7652962048
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cute crawling bat - 7642927616
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Tiny Batman

bat - 7171831296

The Superhero's Cuter, but the Theme Song Doesn't Have the Same Ring

Theme Song bat - 7099342848
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Point Made, I'd Say

bunnies clean brother house bat - 7030909952
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He is Darkness Incarnate! Stop Petting Him!

bat darkness tiny pet tough touch - 7055373824

Sleepy Bat

gifs dream tired pet sleep sleepy bat - 7038983680
paw box play what is it curious Cats Video bat - 47149313

We Neither Like Nor Trust This Mysterious Steam Box!

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Creepicute: Big Bat

wings bats creepicute squee bat - 7017783040

You Will Rue the Day You Squeed

baby cute small threat alone bat - 6713612288
See all captions Created by Meg