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list of discussion about working in animal shelters | thumbnail "And yet I saw a man today insisting to return a puppy because it was "very aggressive" and he "feared for his safety" so much so that he kept the puppy in the crate. He sent us a video of the "aggression" and my whole team almost died. The puppy was on his back and chewing on his shoelace.... that's it. Calmest example of puppy play l'd seen. Yes, he is no longer allowed to adopt from us."

Beautiful And Less Beautiful Every Day Animal Shelter Occurrences

It happens every day
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Secret the Australian Shepherd has cancer, but Viral Video on TikTok has Helped her Raise Over $100k

Beloved Viral Dog Known for Her Extreme Intelligence was Diagnosed with Cancer, TikTok Has Now Helped Her to Raise Over $100k

The GoFundme has more than doubled its initial goal and the sweet Australian Shepherd's mom intends to donate the extra contributions to further cancer research in dogs.
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The newest viral-worthy opossum videos from tiktok

Opossum Tok is the New Viral World of TikTok That is Educating Animal Lovers on These Amazing Marsupials

These North and South American creatures are truly magical, and with such a heartbreakingly short lifespan, fans of the animal are glad to see them going viral on TikTok
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smol cat gets rescued and dog becomes it's new adopted mom

Woman's Dog Falls in Love with Tiny Newborn Kitten She Rescues from the Middle of the Street

This two-day old abandoned kitten was found on the hot concrete street while traffic rushed over her. Luckily, a woman and her dog both came to the rescue.
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sweet puppy scared and alone found in woman's chicken coop, gets rescued

Woman Saves Sweet Abandoned Puppy Hiding In Her Chicken Coop, Fittingly Names Him 'Coop'

This farmer went outside to get some eggs and instead found a scared abandoned puppy needing rescue. The cutie is an unknown mix and age, but viewers suspect Rottweiler mix and a few months old. She's currently looking for his forever home.
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail background blue small dog bottom right corner text "She didn't have a "big" personality. Her skin was hanging off her very boney frame and her skin was bad. She's missing bits of her ears and was covered in scabs from fights. She was scared and sat in the back of the kennel nervously shaking. I brought her home for that reason. So many people rescue dogs under the premise of what the dog can do for them, but it should also be about what you can do for the dog."

Wholesome Tails Of Rescue Doggos Enjoying A Second Chance At Life

It ain't easy, but it is rewarding
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Stolen dog gets reunited with family

Viral TikTok of a Stolen Dog Being Reunited With His Owner Should Be a Hallmark Movie

"He's like, 'mom, you would not believe what happened!.'"
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video of a hummingbird being nursed back to health by a person | thumbnail includes a picture of a hummingbird hovering near a person's hand

Man Nurses Tiny Hummingbird Back To Health (Video)

Spread Your Wings And Fly
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a beautiful series of before and after photos of animals after adoption | thumbnail includes the before and after of a sickly dog that was adopted

Power Of Love: Before And After Adoption Glowups

The miracle of adoption!
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a heartwarming story about a man adopting 40 seagulls | thumbnail includes a photo of 10 seagulls with the man's pet cat

Man Adopts 40 Disabled Seagulls (Video)

Such a good deed!
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video of gorilla sanctuary in the congo | thumbnail image of gorillas in wood area with trees

A Mountain Gorilla Sanctuary, The Senkwekwe Centre (Video)

Truly special
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nature wholesome good news endangered species new years ruthf endangered animal rescue positive happy new year happy dog animals positivity 2021 - 15948549

Forty Most Positive Animal News Stories of 2021

Happy animal stories for the soul
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petting vixie the pawdorable rescue fox | thumbnail includes  a picture of vixie getting petted

Vixie The Awwdorable Rescue Fox (Video)

Foxy and Vixie
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video of sloth being saved and taking ride with boat paddle | thumbnail image of murky water sloth emerging

Disoriented Sloth Catches Free Ride To Safety On Boat Paddle (Video)

Slow and steady?
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video of abandoned squirrel adopted by couple | thumbnail left squirrel with young human couple, thumbnail right squirrel eating corn

Baby Squirrel Sips Tea After Being Adopted (Video)

Squirrels are gosh darn cute, especially Alvin
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video of small cat with four ears and owner | thumbnail image of small cat with four ears and stuffed animal with four ears

Meet Midas, Viral Kitten With Four Ears (Video)

Adopt don't shop
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