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13 reddit images, cats in heat | thumbnail image of two fluffy cats laying in heat with text "they're struggling in the heat, any advice?"

Concerned Cat Owner Turns To Reddit For Advice On How To Keep His Cats Cool In The Heat

Cats in heat
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3 pictures of a white and gray kitten that may be pregnant, 7 Reddit comments from thread discussing if the cat is pregnant or not | thumbnail features text that say "Is this cat pregnant or she's just gaining weight? She used to be skinny just month ago" and behind the text are two images of the cat, the left image is the white and gray striped cat standing on dirt and the right image is the white and gray striped cat eating kibble off the ground

Is This Stray Cat Pregnant or Just Fat? A Wholesome Reddit Thread We All Could Learn From

Is There A Doctor on Board?
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15 screenshots from Reddit of someone telling the story of how their dog bit them and people giving advice | Thumbnail includes blue background with screenshots from Reddit thread 'My 7y old dog attacked me a couple of weeks ago & I don't think I'll ever be able to trust her again. I'm devastated. When she barks, I flinch. When she gets close to me, my heart rate elevates. When she stares at me, I have to step away & go lock myself in my room. I get so terrified. All I can think about is'

Dog Of Seven Years Attacks Owner Causing Her To Lose Trust

Trust or not to trust...
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15 screenshots of a reddit thread where a 17 year old shared they reported their neighbors for animal abuse | Thumbnail includes the title and a screenshot from the post 'I just reported my neighbors for dog abuse and I could go to court as a witness. I am only 17, so I am terrified... but I feel I'm doing the right thing. I decided to report this since it isn't the first time I've seen them abuse their dog (though this is the worst.) After calling around several places (SPCA, animal cruelty'

Brave 17-Year-Old Reported Animal Abuse But Is Now Afraid To Go To Court

If you witness animal cruelty, report it to your local animal control
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10 reddit text images and video of cat staring otuside window | thumbnail left cat sitting on deck, thumbnail right cat looking out of window, text "My 1 year old, indoor only cat always cries and meows when she see the neighbor outdoor cats from the window. Am I being cruel for confining her?"

Considerate Cat Owner Hesitant To Let Her Cat Outside, Turns To Reddit For Advice

A feline debacle
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9 Reddit text images of comments about conversing and talking back to meowing cats and one image of a white cat | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats with a white cat on the left and on the right a yelling gray and white cat with yellow eyes with bottom text "How do I teach my cat to stop screaming"

Exasperated Redditor Asks Why Their Cat is Screaming: Hilarity Ensues

Someone, please, make it stop!
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18 screenshots from subreddit about advice on exercising reactive dogs | Thumbnail includes an encounter between two dogs 'Way to exercise reactive dogs?'

17 Ways To Exercise Your Reactive Dog Besides Your Local Dog Park

(Puppy) Parenthood advice
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Hi I'm an EMT and service dog handler and I have some tips for how to keep your dog safe in the car and how to get help EMS care for them in an accident." "Based off of crash tests the best place for your dog is in the rear seat. There are crash tested harnesses that you can buy and secure your dog with. A dog roaming freely becomes a projectile in even minor accidents. Crash tested kennels and crash tested car harnesses are your best bet."

EMT And Service Dog Handler Advises Reddit On How To Best Protect Dogs In Car Accidents

Better safe than sorry
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13 tweets cat training advice | thumbnail blue background text tweet "BrooklynDad_Defiant! @mmpadellan SERIOUS QUESTION: How the hell do I stop my cat from climbing onto the dining room table? She is defiant AF. 1:29 PM · Feb 12, 2022 · Twitter Web App"

Twitter User Seeks Cat Training Advice After His Cat Develops Penchant For Dining Room Table

Hooligans, can't be tamed, or can they?
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a daughter wonders if she should take away her childhood pets from her mom's house | thumbnail includes text saying 'My (21F) mom (58F) won't let me take my childhood pets, but is neglecting them.' and 'She just laughed, and then said I couldn't. She said they are her "rocks." I can't fathom that with their neglect, but I don't know what to say or do. She's got terrible attachment issues, that only got worse when I left for school. I'm worried, but I care about my animals' wellbeing.'

Daughter Feels Mom Is Neglecting Her Childhood Pets: Internet Weighs In

Should she kidnap the pets?
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11 text reddit images from thread on woman seeking advice | thumbnail blue background with small animated dog in right bottom corner, text "Although my partner and I will be covering the costs of the operation - which are going to be quite high- my family has been saying very hurtful things about it. "Why waste all that money a dog". "

Woman Seeks Advice On How To Deal With Family Members Who Say 'Why Waste So Much Money, It’s Just A Dog'

It's a subject that we need to talk about
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a thread about a woman whose cat hates her boyfriend | thumbnail includes text saying ' don’t know what to do. I have never seen my cat hiss or act aggressively towards anyone else, including her vet. Do I trust that my boyfriend doesn’t mistreat her when I’m gone? Is there another explanation for why she’s behaving this way towards him? I keep'

Woman's Cat Suddenly Hates Her Boyfriend: Internet Weighs In

Could something upsetting be going on?
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a wholesome story about a cat being given medical care thanks to reddit " thumbnail includes bnail says 'This Maya,a smol void,we've had her for about 3 months and she hasn't grown at all.' and 'Don’t want to take away from the cuteness, but have you seen a vet about this? Could be that she is just a smol bean, but could also indicate some other medical issues'

Internet Bands Together To Take Care Of Incredibly Smol Cat

The power of love! (and Reddit)
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a reddit thread where a man questions whether his girlfriend is too obsessed with her dog | thumbnail includes text saying 'I think my gf has an unhealthy obsession with her dog. Family are telling me to run. She has SO many clothes for her dog brushes her dogs teeth every single day has all these dental products for her dog like dental mouth wash'

Man Claims Girlfriend Cares Too Much About Her Dog, Internet Weighs In

Obsessed or just a dog mom?
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a reddit am I the asshole thread about a woman who was contacted by a woman who wants her cat | thumbnail includes text saying 'I did everything I could to find her owner, contacted shelters, put it on social media, but no one claimed her so I kept her for myself.  However, a few days ago I was contacted by a woman claiming to have been her owner. She said that she had been in rough financial shape and going through a toxic relationship, and her now ex boyfriend dumped the cat.'

Woman Is Asked To Give Away Her Cat, Takes To Reddit For Advice

What would you do?
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reddit thread about the worst species of animals to adopt | thumbnail includes text saying 'hedgehogs. as a former hedgehog owner, even the most domesticated ones are just bullies. those cute snuggly hedgehogs on the internet are one of two instances: -they’re being starved to appear more docile -they actually had a good, caring breeder with ethical ways to raise and train the babies, and a good, caring owner that listens to the hedgehogs’ needs.'

Redditors Share The Worst Animals To Try And Adopt As Pets

Who Knew?
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