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reddit 11 text images | thumbnail blue background "BUT when I came home today I saw that his food bowl was empty, the jar of his food hadn't been touched, his water bowl was empty, and it sure didn't look he have been outside of his cage. I was PISSED. This pet is my best friend, and he means alot to me. When I asked my foster mom for an explanation she said that she "forgot." I got even more pissed and told her "it wasn't that complicated."

Teenager Entrusts Foster Parents With Care Of His Pet Bunny, They 'Forget' And Blame Him

Not cool
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14 reddit text and video porcupine | thumbnail image of porcupine being pet with text "Despite his dangerously sharp quills, Charlie the porcupine loves to be pet"

Porcupine With Dangerously Sharp Quills Just Wants To Be Petted: Redditors React

Dangerously cute
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a reddit thread about a woman trying to get rid of her daughter's cat | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA? I want my daughter to get rid of her cat' and 'YTA. Completely. 100%. Absolutely. Totally. Entirely. However else I can say it, you're the AH.'

Bitter Karen Tries Forcing Daughter To Give Up Her Cat

What Would You Do?
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Cat owners like cats because they are very independent but dog owners like their pets because dogs are social animals. However, cat owners actually like to talk to their cats but dog owners want their pets to just shut up."11 reddit text images pet themed shower thoughts | thumbnail blue background "

Pet Owning Redditors Respond To Cat And Dog Themed Shower Thoughts

What do YOU think about in the shower, is it cats?
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a reddit thread about a woman who doesn't like how her boyfriend talks to her pets | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA for not liking how my partner talks to our pets?'

AITA for not liking how my partner talks to our pets?

What would you do?
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16 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "HmmSinkSo · 2 days ago My dog did that all the time. He'd just lie there huffing and puffing. Sure, life is so hard getting two walks and two meals a day and then having to sleep on my memory foam mattress with your jowls draped over my pillow, oh and muggins over here covering you in a blanket because you look cute all tucked in. Woe is you, old man. God, I miss him"

What Does It Mean When Dogs Sigh And Yawn: Human Dog Owning Redditors React

It's a ruff life
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "These past few months she's been asking me to take my youngest to the shelter or to put her down because she can't handle when she screeches. She used to screech really loud when I would come home from work. A week ago she said "either she goes or I do". I caved and told her I would take her to a shelter but after March 5th. I have zero intentions of doing so. My dog has been getting a lot better."

Redditor Desperately Seeks Advice Regarding Tension Between His Girlfriend And Dogs

Advice plz
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "I've now had the puppy for a month and a half and in passing conversation I said "my puppy" My BF asked that when I talk to him about the puppy that I always refer to it as "ours". I said no, that I didn't want to have to always have to say "ours".

Clingy BF Offended When GF Of 6 Months Refers To Her Puppy As 'Mine' Instead Of 'Ours'

Time to set some boundaries
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "This just happened, a neighbor of mine sent their kid over and let my dog off his runner because "he had no food or water" "

Karen Chastises Neighbor For Letting His Dog Outside For 20 Mins Without Food And Water

Some people are just looking for trouble
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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sprawled out on a desk chair 'Saw him outside and left to grab some food for him. Accidentally left the door open and found him like this on my chair :) u/TaproKk'

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

The best kitty cats.
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a woman asks reddit what to do after her mom brings poisonous lilies to her house while she is away | thumbnail includes text saying 'My mom left me a gift that could've killed my cats'

Woman Threatens To Cut Mom off After She Brings A Dangerous Plant Home

Who Knew?
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pics of the cutest animals of the week | thumbnail includes two pictures of an old man holding a ginger cat 'Do you remember these two rescued from a fire? Here they are now. u/gulfatma'

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute Animals (#174)

Too. much. cuteness.
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16 text based images about weird dog habits | thumbnail "he does "human kisses". When I ask for kisses she doesnt lick like most dogs but instead smooshes her nose and mouth against your check. 2. The first thing she does when I get home is run around like a maniac until she locates the perfect toy to bring me in greeting. 3. She purposely takes longer to poop when it's raining so she can get wetter. Because she knows the wetter she gets, the more toweling off she gets."

List Of Super Weird Things Doggos Do For No Apparent Reason

Doggo did what now
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a man releases a turtle he rescued and reddit weighs in | thumbnail includes text saying 'AITA For Robbing My Friends' Pet Turtle'

Man Steals Turtle And Releases It Into The Wild: Reddit Weighs In

What A Wild Ride
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thread about choosing pets over parenting kids | thumbnail blue background  text " But the reason I realised I didn't want kids now is because, as the woman in the relationship, I picked up so much more of the care for the dog. All the training, getting up early for toilet trips, making sure his food was defrosted, every damn thing was down to me. I nearly lost a client due to lack of sleep/barking training/ having a hard time coping (I'm freelance). "

Redditors Discuss How Owning Dogs Influenced Their Decision To Not Have Kids

Thought provoking
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "I got pissed and said the carrier is 6 years old, a year older than the cat inside of it, and even if I didn't have the benefit of reusing something of high quality I would've sure as shit managed to buy something more comfortable for my stressed out cat than the plastic bin she's got for hers"

Insecure Karen Gets Offended By Designer Cat Carrier At Vet's Office

Get over it
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