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pics of the cutest animals of the week | thumbnail includes a picture of a dog next to a birthday cake with a dog topper that looks just like it 'Best day ever! u/Idhanirem'

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute Animals (#176)

Too. much. cuteness.
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10 reddit text images, aita dog vet bills | thumbnail blue background text " When we got back up to where the food was left, the neighbors dog was on the table, eating the food, and had ripped the covers off."

Presumptuous Neighbors Expect Woman To Cover Vet Bills After Their Dog Eats Her Leftover Chocolate

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10 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Married for two years, have been together for three. We have an almost 1y/o son together. We bought the dog together but it was entirely my ex's responsibility if that makes sense. He does all the work, we jointly paid for her."

Husband Goes MIA For 45 Days, Livid Upon Return When He Discovers Wife Has Re-homed His Dog

Ridonkulousness in a Reddit thread
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Reddit posts about a cat who looks perpetually grumpy | thumbnail includes two pictures of a grumpy looking cat 'This is Betty and she hates every single one of you. u/RPBN'

Meet Betty, The Perpetually Grumpy Viral Cat Who Has Taken Over The Internet

Betty may hate us all, but we all love Betty.
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10 reddit text images, do pets actually like fetch | thumbnail left and right dogs fetching "Deep question. Are they giving us the ball because they enjoy it or are they giving it to us because they think it makes us happy?"

Redditors Debate Whether Pets Actually Like To Fetch, Hilarity Ensues

This week on Reddit
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11 images of dog and reddit comments | thumbnail "I will soon become the tenth person (and my dog will become the first dog) to walk around the world. Ask me anything!"

Adorable Pup And Her Human Travel The Globe On One Incredibly Long Walk: Reddit Tell All

Reddit asks anything
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Reddit thread about cats being affectionate towards their humans | thumbnail includes one Reddit post 'Font - amaranthinelux • 6d Whoever says cats don't care has clearly never owned a cat Discussion Two days ago I broke off my engagement due to my partner's infidelity and my girl has not left my side since I came home. My cat has absorbed more tears over the last 10 years than l'd like to admit but even so I feel like she knows that this is a serious event. I'm currently crying myself to'

Cat Comforts Woman After A Bad Divorce, Showing That Cats Really Do Care: Reddit Thread

People who don't own cats are missing out.
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "She brought my dog with her and the old lady and Jade fell in love with each other. Jade has gone both morning and night every day since. Apparently Jade recognizes that she's old and fragile and is deliberately gentle. "

Dog Lives Heartwarming Double Life Visiting Elderly Woman Daily

So sweet
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background " Our golden loved the park and our walks and had free range (pooped on walks and we always bagged and tossed it). I just took him on a walk in our new neighborhood and he pooped on our street in some pine straw on somebody's side yard. I picked it up, and continued walking, and an older man came out, "checked his ymail," and then walked towards me and asked if I wouldn't let my dog poop in his yard in the future. "

Dude Lets Dog Poop In Neighbor's Yard, Picks It Up, Doesn't Understand Why Neighbor Is Upset

Everyone's got something to complain about
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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten covered by a red blanket 'Any advice for someone who never owned a cat before? Meet muffin btw u/YaoiLovingPervert'

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

The best kitty cats.
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15 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background " I would have thought this a year or so ago when I didn't have a dog, but now I have a dog. He likes to be around me. I like to take him places. I don't care at all about attention. He's a friend, and I have no qualms about spending time with him when I'm out and about."

Dude Claims Bringing Dogs To Public Places Is 'Attention Seeking:' Redditors Tear Claim Apart

Redditors set him straight
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12 reddit text images selling dog to SIL | thumbnail blue background "SIL had the dog no less than 5 hours. Spamming us with photos how well she was "adapting" to her house. And asked if she could buy our dog from us. My SIL is distraught saying she needs the dog more than we do. We have a baby on the way and will be too busy for the dog."

Woman Refuses To Sell Her Dog To Karen Sister In Law, SIL Gaslights Her

The audacity is strong today
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "Hi I'm an EMT and service dog handler and I have some tips for how to keep your dog safe in the car and how to get help EMS care for them in an accident." "Based off of crash tests the best place for your dog is in the rear seat. There are crash tested harnesses that you can buy and secure your dog with. A dog roaming freely becomes a projectile in even minor accidents. Crash tested kennels and crash tested car harnesses are your best bet."

EMT And Service Dog Handler Advises Reddit On How To Best Protect Dogs In Car Accidents

Better safe than sorry
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12 reddit images, including 5 images of dog | thumbnail left rock on plaque, thumbnail right golden retriever

Golden Retriever Swallows Rock Resulting In 5k Surgery, Redditors Laugh In Retrospect

Dang that's an expensive rock
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reddit thread about someone talking to their dog and their girlfriend not liking it | thumbnail includes one Reddit post 'Font - Revan_IV · 5d Join How many of you talk to your dog like they can understand you? (Fluff] My gf thinks I am nuts. We both have dogs, but she never baby talks/talks to her dog. I live for the head tilts! It's like they can understand me lol. Idk maybe I'm just high.. Edit: By talk, I meant like having full blown conversations. When I have a tough day at wor'

Talking To Dogs As If They're Humans: Is It Possible To Take It Too Far (Reddit Discussion)

Is it possible to really take it too far?
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collection of mildly amusing animal pics and stories | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with its paws on its tail 'Our cat Mia, rests her front paws on her tail to keep them off a cold surface. u/andyf7' and a crayfish in an Asian isle in a store 'There is a live crayfish defending the rice aisle in my local Asian market u/SucksToYourAssmar3'

Sufficiently Interesting And Amusing Animal Stories And Pics

oooh, ahhh, oooh, ahh~
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