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A listicle of 16 screenshots of small dogs from subreddit | Thumbnail includes two pictures of a small dog 'This is Nora, she may have doubled in size. But she is still illegally smol''

Compact Cuteness: Top 16 Illegally Smol Doggos Of The Week

Cute criminals
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Subreddit rant about people being fed up with untrained dogs in public places

Unpopular Opinion Vs. Legal Issue: Should Dogs Be Allowed In Grocery Stores

Calling all dog parents for an important doggo discussion!
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "It's because I sing to our dogs all the time. About everything, and anything. In fact, my 17 year old minpin has been hearing it her whole life and even though she can't see or hear very well, she relaxes and goes to sleep when I sing to her."

Husband And Dog-Daddy Shares The Wholesome Reason His Wife Fell In Love, Redditors Chime In With Support

Wholesome goodness
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Video and comments from reddit thread about cat camera | Thumbnail includes a black and white close up of a cat

Someone Posted Footage From Their Cat Cam And Received Humorous Replies From Cat Imposters

Hellur? Who is there?
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14 reddit text images, people bumping into their cats | thumbnail blue background, cat graphic, text "quadgop · 2 yr. ago I was driving past a school a couple of blocks from home and saw his fat ass disappearing through a side gate. Pulled over and said to him through the fence "what are you doing out here?". You could see from the confusion on his face that he was surprised to see me, it was all "wait, wut?". He meowed at me a couple of times then wandered off to whatever business he was up to.

Silly Stories Of Humans Bumping Into Their Independent Cats Outside Of The House

Pure feline hilarity
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10 reddit text images, stolen cat | thumbnail blue background text "She was angry and started calling us cruel to leave Noodle for 3 days. We got mad and asked her why she cared more about a cat who doesn't even really care that we are gone than her kid who had his property stolen and their DIL who had her HOUSE AND CAR KEYS STOLEN. She hung up on us after saying she was gonna come to get the cat. I texted her and said that if I got back home and my cat was gone, "

Delusional Mother-In-Law Steals Cat, Surprised When Son And Daughter-In-Law Call Cops

Drama with a capital D
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Reddit discussion about how long people walk their dogs for | Thumbnail includes screenshot of the title of the thread and part of the story 'Ok I'm going to say it... it's not realistic to expect every dog owner to walk their dogs miles at a time 3 times a day…, I guess I just want us all supporting each other instead of shaming one another. Dogs are like... the coolest shit and we are so blessed to have them as pals and all we can do is our best for them!!'

Dog Parent Rants On Reddit About Unrealistic Dog Walking Expectations From Shamers

Do's And Don'ts Of The Dog Walking Rule Book
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pics of the cutest animals of the week | thumbnail includes two pictures including two golden retrievers on chairs 'Camping with Golden Retrievers u/vinkulelu' and a dog with a prosthetic leg 'Golden lab Turbo is super impressed with his new prosthetic leg u/Boobglow'

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute Animals (#179)

Too. much. cuteness.
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13 text based reddit images, dog custody debacle | thumbnail blue background text "Well, it's been 2 months since Beca and I broke up, I won't mention the reasons. The only thing that was in doubt would be the Sand. In the beginning, he always spent 3 days a week with her and everything, but I started to feel that he came back with bad behaviors and a little anxious, which I discovered later on that "

Frustrated Dog Owner Refuses To Share Doggo Custody With Ex, Turns To Internet For Advice

Love hurts
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17 screenshots of subreddit about people eating dog treats | Thumbnail includes screenshot of title and text 'my dad has been eating dog treats for 20 yrs, He couldn't believe it. I had to ring up my sister to tell her what dad had been doing. I asked him if he is going to carry out buying and eating them and he said he is undecided. This was about a week ago now so he went to fill up with petrol today. He text me saying they just don't taste the same now he knows they're for dogs!'

Daddy Dog Treats: Amusing Subreddit Stories Of People Eating Dog Food

Crackers - Dog food - Potato - Potahto
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Reddit thread of users discussing whether their dogs like to eat vegetables | thumbnail includes blue background with screenshot from reddit thread 'Today, I found a pile of celery in various stages of decomposition under a rack in the storage room. The little shit has been taking his celery and hiding them, then running back for his treat. He immediately booked it after he saw I found his stash and called him over. Now he won't even look at me like HE'S the one offended.'

Crafty Doggo Figures Out A Way To Not Eat His Vegetables Yet Still Get A Treat

Dog vs. Vegetable
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collection of pictures of tiny kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten in someone's palm and a smiling kitten on a cat tree

20 Cutest Kittens Of The Week: The Tiniest Fluffiest Criminals (March 26, 2022)

The itty bitty kitty committee is about to commence.
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embedded video and 9 reddit text images | thumbnail snow, man, moose approaching, "brave little doggo distracts moose to try and protect human"

Brave Little Dog Protects Owner From Giant Moose: Reddit Praises Pour In

Smol but mighty
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collection of posts about grumpy cats having bad days | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with a see-through helmet on its head 'My friend’s cat is a bit too spicy for the vet. She gets the space helmet with every visit meow u/squigglydoodle'

Highly-Spoiled Grumpy Cats Who Are Having A No-Good Terribly Rotten Day

They have accepted their fates.
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12 reddit text images dog, guilt about yard | thumbnail blue background text "actually think our relationship was better before having a yard because we went on so many adventures together and I wasn't getting mad at her for destroying the yard. When my lease is up in 2 months, we're moving back to an apartment with no yard. It has a balcony so she can lay outside and people watch, and a dog park so she can play with friends. "

Yards Are Overrated: Doggo Owners Discuss Spatial Priorities When Living With Dogs

Every doggo has different needs
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reddit posts about a cat choosing to walk on its two front paws | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat waking on its two front paws 'My Nan adopted a new cat, the shelter said "They walk a bit funny" u/CrackB3ar'

Grandma Adopts A Cat Who 'Walks A Bit Funny', It Becomes A Viral Sensation

Not the two paws you'd expect it to walk on...
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