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9 Reddit text images of comments about conversing and talking back to meowing cats and one image of a white cat | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats with a white cat on the left and on the right a yelling gray and white cat with yellow eyes with bottom text "How do I teach my cat to stop screaming"

Exasperated Redditor Asks Why Their Cat is Screaming: Hilarity Ensues

Someone, please, make it stop!
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12 photos of weird cats | Thumbnail includes a cat laying on its back, thumbnail includes 'There's nothing but elevator music inside Bubba's head'

12 Weird Cat Behaviors Every Cat Can Relate To

Weird cats are the best
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15 screenshots from a reddit thread about a dog who got a bad hair cut | Thumbnail includes a photo of a dog with a bad haircut 'My poor dog came back from the groomers looking like this'

Doggo Goes To Groomer And Comes Back Looking Like Somebody's Aunty

Mom, call the manager
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5 videos of animals being friends | thumbnail rabbit and dog cuddling "unlikely best friends, love snuggling with each other"

Best Of The Week: Animals Being Absolute Bros And Loving The Heck Out Of Each Other

Best friends 5ever
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Reddit discussion about dog etiquette | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of reddit post 'Dog etiquette after a bite, I live on a small hobby farm with some sheep, birds, and our little collie cross who is a working dog in training. Two weeks ago I hears a commotion in the garden where the chooks were so I opened the door to let our dog out to investigate with me, I assumed it was a mink or raptor. Everything happened very fast but a neighbor's lab pup (12ish months) had gotten into our fence'

Guard Dog Gets Bitten By Trespassing Dog, Owners Of Trespasser Demand The Guard Dog Be Leashed

Proper puppy etiquette
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18 screenshots from subreddit about advice on exercising reactive dogs | Thumbnail includes an encounter between two dogs 'Way to exercise reactive dogs?'

17 Ways To Exercise Your Reactive Dog Besides Your Local Dog Park

(Puppy) Parenthood advice
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21 screenshots of reddit discussion on whether dogs should be allowed in doggy daycare | Thumbnail includes one Reddit post ‘Unpopular opinion..? Not every dog should go to doggy daycare., It can be a mess y'all. If I had any say in who we allowed in, it may be different. (I will say my new job is very good about this and does actually care about the employee's opinions). But I can guarantee that a lot of daycare owners mostly just care about money and will let almost any dog in and will.’

Dog Parents Dicussing Whether All Dogs Belong In Doggy Daycare

Some doggy daycare drama
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14 screenshots from Reddit where users share their stories about fostering leading to adoption | Thumbnail includes a picture of a surprised cat 'My wife agreed to a "trial run" with a cat. She has fallen in love with this little girl and keeps extending the trial period. Meet Penelope. (This was her reaction to being told that she can stay another week)'

Woman Keeps Extending Trial Period With Cat After Falling In Love With Her

How could you not fall in love with her?
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17 photos of dogs sticking their tongues out | Thumbnail includes three dogs: a boxer, a pitbull, and a french bulldog sticking their tongues out '24/7 long blop'

Reddit's Top 17 Awwdorable Doggo Blops Of The Week

Blep boop blop blooop
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14 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background, text "We actually met our upstairs neighbor when she was petting him, and her and my girlfriend became friends. That friendship lasted until our cat started spending more and more time at her place. More and more frequently our routine was interrupted when M (our cat) would stay at her place overnight. We live in a large appartment complex on the ground floor whereas she lives on the 3rd with a nice view. M can walk up there easily."

Jealous Cat Owners Set Strict Boundaries After Their Cat Consistently Visits The Neighbor's Apartment

Gimme my cat back lady
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A listicle of 16 screenshots of small dogs from subreddit | Thumbnail includes two pictures of a small dog 'This is Nora, she may have doubled in size. But she is still illegally smol''

Compact Cuteness: Top 16 Illegally Smol Doggos Of The Week

Cute criminals
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Subreddit rant about people being fed up with untrained dogs in public places

Unpopular Opinion Vs. Legal Issue: Should Dogs Be Allowed In Grocery Stores

Calling all dog parents for an important doggo discussion!
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11 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "It's because I sing to our dogs all the time. About everything, and anything. In fact, my 17 year old minpin has been hearing it her whole life and even though she can't see or hear very well, she relaxes and goes to sleep when I sing to her."

Husband And Dog-Daddy Shares The Wholesome Reason His Wife Fell In Love, Redditors Chime In With Support

Wholesome goodness
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Video and comments from reddit thread about cat camera | Thumbnail includes a black and white close up of a cat

Someone Posted Footage From Their Cat Cam And Received Humorous Replies From Cat Imposters

Hellur? Who is there?
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14 reddit text images, people bumping into their cats | thumbnail blue background, cat graphic, text "quadgop · 2 yr. ago I was driving past a school a couple of blocks from home and saw his fat ass disappearing through a side gate. Pulled over and said to him through the fence "what are you doing out here?". You could see from the confusion on his face that he was surprised to see me, it was all "wait, wut?". He meowed at me a couple of times then wandered off to whatever business he was up to.

Silly Stories Of Humans Bumping Into Their Independent Cats Outside Of The House

Pure feline hilarity
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10 reddit text images, stolen cat | thumbnail blue background text "She was angry and started calling us cruel to leave Noodle for 3 days. We got mad and asked her why she cared more about a cat who doesn't even really care that we are gone than her kid who had his property stolen and their DIL who had her HOUSE AND CAR KEYS STOLEN. She hung up on us after saying she was gonna come to get the cat. I texted her and said that if I got back home and my cat was gone, "

Delusional Mother-In-Law Steals Cat, Surprised When Son And Daughter-In-Law Call Cops

Drama with a capital D
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