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20 pictures of cats and text | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Font - r/cats Posted by u/skeletonclock 3 days ago S This cat was handed into my shelter for eating the family hamster. Reckon she did it?' and 'Cat'

Criminal Kitty Returned To Shelter After "Allegedly" Eating The Family Hamster: Guilty Or Not Guilty? (Reddit Thread)

Looks like she's already chosen her next victim
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reddit thread about a hospital building a little home for a cat who comes to visit | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat in a handmade home and a sign that says 'This is Simba the cat. He has a home but likes to visit our staff and patients. He likes cuddles and being stroked, but please don't feed him' My local hospital has provided a house for a cat that frequently visits u/syncopant'

Hospital Builds A House For A Cat That Frequently Visits And Other Places Where Purrfessional Cats Work (Viral Thread)

A true purrfessional needs an office
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19 reddit text images | thumbnail image of two cats laying on bed text " 23 years ago I had to go on a week long trip. I asked my boyfriend if he could stop by to check on my two cats during that time. At very least I was hoping he could replenish food/water and scoop the litter boxes a couple times. I found out later that he was going there every night after work and hanging out with them. We eventually got married, I knew I'd found a keeper. 1"

Frustrated By Her Dates Aversion To Her Cats, Cat Mom Gets Wholesome Reminder That Cat-Loving Men Do Exist

Pure cuteness
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reddit thread about a boyfriend asking his girlfriend to choose between him and his cat | thumbnail includes one reddit post 'Font - r/offmychest u/Lovelyymia • 2d 1 1 1 My boyfriend asked me to pick him or my cat. r/ A couple of days ago we were all laying together, and I was petting my cat and he randomly asked if I had to choose him or my cat who I would pick. I've had my cat since I was 11. I'm now 21 and I've only been in a relationship with him for 5 months, so I obviously picked'

Boyfriend Asks His Girlfriend To Choose Between Him Or Her Cat, The Internet Reacts With Outrage (Viral Thread)

What would you have done?
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reddit thread about a 'cat that no one wanted' getting adopted | thumbnail includes one reddit post 'Font - r/cats 20 hr. ago Posted by abbsjanko Tortoiseshell : Adopting the cat that no one wanted In the beginning of November, after years of throwing around the idea, my husband and I decided we were ready to adopt a cat. Working from home and being completely alone the majority of the day was taking a toll on my mental health. So we decided to start looking for a companion. I found Jodi's'

Reddit User Adopts 'The Cat That No One Wanted' And Shares Their Heartwarming Story (Viral Thread)

With an incredibly pure and happy ending <3
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22 pictures of text | Thumbnail includes two photos including 'Font - UNPOPULAR OPINION FOR YOUR OPINIONS THAT ARE UNPOPULAR' and 'Font - Cats are cuter when they're full-grown, as opposed to when they're kittens. This doesn't mean kittens aren't cute. Kittens are extremely cute. But cats are at their absolute cutest when they're fully-grown adults. Even though all kittens are incredibly cute, they usually all look & sound same. When a cat becomes an adult is when all of his/her traits/personal'

Controversial Commenter Proclaims "Cats Are Cuter Than Kittens" - The Internet Clashes In Response Over Debate

It's like choosing between food and water
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reddit thread about a cat breaking into a lawyer's virtual swearing in ceremony | thumbnail includes one picture of a man in a suit and a cat lifting its leg next to him 'Cat - r/Catswithjobs u/mini42d.i.redd.it 1 2 My cat during my virtual swearing in ceremony. She's a sworn cat lawyer now. 36.4k 393 n Join Share'

Cat Hilariously Breaks Into Lawyer's Virtual Swearing In Ceremony, The Internet Reacts (Reddit Thread)

A cattorney in law
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posts about cats choosing humans | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat sitting on a person's lap 'I fell asleep on the couch and woke up with this cat on my lap. I have three cats, but this isn’t one of them. u/MrBragg'

Wholesome Posts Of Cats Randomly Showing Up And Choosing Their Humans For Themselves

Not your cat? It is now
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viral video and posts about a cat and a fox being friends | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat and a fox nuzzling one another and a cat and a fox standing next to each other

Adorable Friendship Between A Wild Cat And A Fox Cub Goes Viral, And The Internet Reacts

A rare and beautiful friendship
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13 reddit text images | thumbnail "My roommate asked if we had cats prior to moving in because she said her cat "doesn't like other cats." We did not have any pets at the time so it worked out. We did tell her that we might want one someday to which she said we would have to revisit the issue if it came up. Well, my girlfriend and I have gotten to a place where we really want a pet of our own. We saw a kitten at the shelter and just fell in love with him. "

Inconsiderate Roommate Suddenly Brings Home Kitten & Expects Roomie To Keep Her Senior Cat Isolated In Response

At least there was a happy ending
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reddit thread about a mom cat passing and a dad cat taking care of the kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat cuddling with kittens 'Rectangle - r/cats 2d.i.redd.it u/Woundstowisdom. 13 1 1 1 1 Join Meet Scout, an amazing single dad who stepped up and took care of his baby kittens after their mama and his best friend passed unexpectedly. He deserves all the praise Cat Picture'

Heartwarming Viral Thread About A Cat Dad Stepping Up And Taking Care Of His Kittens After The Mom Tragically Passes

Father of the year
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viral reddit thread about a cat sitting on egg cartons and the owners replacing them with ping pong balls | thumbnail includes two pictures of a ginger cat lying on a carton of eggs 'Rectangle - r/OneOrangeBraincell u/mercurio_liquido 1d. i.redd.it 1 21 1 He always tries to lie on top of the eggs, so we put ping pong balls in the egg carton Orange Cat Behavior™ Join'

Cat Always Tries To Lie On Top Of Eggs, Reddit Tries Replacing Them With Ping Pong Balls To Trick Him (Viral Thread)

Seems to be working lol
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20 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Cat - Allow me to explain, its not what it looks like Cat Picture' and 'Furniture - Are sink cuddles the peak of existence?? What else is there to live for?? r'

20 Pictures Of Cats Having An Existential Crisis To Make You Feel Better About Yourself On Monday Morning

*Panic intensifies*
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reddit thread and video of a cat waiting for its owner to return home by sitting next to the door all day | thumbnail includes two security camera pictures including a cat sitting by a door and a man reaching down to pick up his cat 'My cat greets me at the front door everyday, I used to think he was tuned to the sound of my car or something and rushed there when he heard it. Turns out he patiently waits beside the door all day until I return home, here's today's edition u/RTJ_legendhasit'

Cat Greets Owner Every Day, Turns Out He Patiently Waits By The Door All Day Long For Him To Return (Viral Thread)

The video is absolutely precious.
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thread about a man who hated cats getting adopted by a cat and falling in love | thumbnail includes two pictures including a man nuzzling a cat and a cat sleeping on a bed with a blanket that has a cat's face on it 'My dad has always HATED cats for as long as I can remember. This is 2 months after a cat randomly showed up in his yard and claimed my dad as his person. Yes, that is a picture of his cat on his comforter u/microducklett'

Dad Who Has 'Hated Cats' His Whole Life Suddenly Gets Adopted By A Cat And Absolutely Falls In Love

Both the dad and the cat are adorable.
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viral reddit thread about a kitten that was found freezing in a park getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures of a black kitten sitting on someone's lap 'Product - r/cats u/shinigamia 1 4d 1 3 11 1 102 1 1 14 Join 14 2 This little girl was shivering in the park. I brought her home Cat Picture'

Sweet Rescue Story Of A Shivering Little Kitten That Was Found In The Park Goes Viral And Makes Our Hearts Melt

It's a good thing kind people exist in the world
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