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collection of cute posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten lying on a man's lap while the man is writing on a notepad 'Someone at the Purrfect Day Cat Cafe in Louisville, KY filling out the paperwork to take this kitty home u/mac_is_crack'

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute Cats (#197)

Too. much. cuteness.
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reddit thread about people stealing other people's cats off the street | thumbnail includes a screenshot of one reddit post 'Font - Mystisc. Tuxedo • 6d Stop 'adopting' random cats Advice Lately I see a lot of posts of people saying they found a cat random on the street. Most of the cats look perfectly fine with a beautiful coat and obviously well fed. And the comments are bombarded with people saying they should keep the cat. NO! Stop 'adopting' random cats who obviously'

Redditor Argues That People Shouldn't 'Adopt' Random Cats Off The Street, The Internet Debates

What would you do?
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11 reddit images | thumbnail left and right chunky white cat text " Good friend recently got a new dog who had been terrorizing their 12+ year old senior cat to the point of bad depression. Asked if I would take him in so he could be happy again. I've never had a cat but said yes to help. Turns out he's a cool dude and seems to be very happy and comfortable here"

Senior Cat Given Second Chance At Forever Home After Being Rejected By Owner's Aggressive New Dog

Purely heartwarming
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13 reddit images, cats in heat | thumbnail image of two fluffy cats laying in heat with text "they're struggling in the heat, any advice?"

Concerned Cat Owner Turns To Reddit For Advice On How To Keep His Cats Cool In The Heat

Cats in heat
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10 reddit text  images | thumbnail image of cat staring at water bowl with frog placed inside of it

Mischievous Cat Attempts To Pranks Dog By A Placing Frog In His Water Bowl

The cat did WHAT
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13 reddit images, snaggletooth cat | thumbnail left and right image of snaggletoothed cat "everyone needs to see bittles" "real life snaggletooth"

Snaggletoothed Cat Charms The Internet With His Silliness

It's the tooth, for us
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10 reddit photoshopped images cat yawning | thumbnail left cat yawning, thumbnail right cat yawning photoshopped to face of man, three men standing laughing together

Yawning Cat Image Gets Shopped To The Nines In Epic Reddit Photoshop Battle

Purrty darn cool
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A Video and 17 screenshots from reddit about a male cat that took on the role of a nursemaid to a kitten he didn't want | Thumbnail includes a male cat pretending to nurse a kitten 'My male cat who two days ago didn't want anything to do with the new kitten has now taken on the role of nursemaid.'

Male Cat Who Wanted Nothing To Do With The New Kitten Takes On The Role Of A Nursemaid

He knew when to step up
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12 screenshots of sphynx cats from Reddit and Twitter | Thumbnail includes a photo of a sphynx cat wearing a yellow tank top and showing off his arm muscles and a screenshot of a sphynx cat with its paw up 'Chicken showing off his new summer tank and his arm muscles'

12 Snatched Sphynx Cats Showing Off Their Hairless Cat Superiority

Despite them being naked, they're quite the sophisticated bunch
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13 swole cat photoshop images lucky cat | thumbnail left original swole lucky cat image, thumbnail right salt bae swole cat photoshopped image "psbattle: swole good luck cat"

Lucky Cat With Swole Arm Gets Humorously Photoshopped By Folks Of The Interwebs

Don't skip arm day
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12 images photshopped jumping cat | thumbnail left original image jumping cat, thumbnail right assassin cat jumping robes

Epic Photoshop Battle: Jumping Cat Reaches For The Sky Alongside Two Feline Friends

Laugh out loud
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17 reddit text and cat outside images | thumbnail when people ask why I walk my cat, three panel images of cat wearing harness outside in grass and greenery, in sun

Cat Owning Redditors Compare Their Cats' Desires For Walks, Harnesses, And The Great Outdoors

We love a cat walk, meow
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9 reddit cat and text images | thumbnail 3 panels cat with spoon on its back to prevent from leaving porch "Loves to be outside but eats grass until she pukes. Now she can’t leave the porch"

Silly Cat Gets Creatively Prevented From Venturing Outside And Eating Grass That Makes Her Sick

No grass eating for you silly
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17 photos of cats doing airplane ears | Thumbnail includes a photo of a grey cat doing airplane ears and a photo of an orange cat with airplane ears 'ready for takeoff'

Airplane Ears And 16 Captain Cats That Are Ready For Take-Off

Hold on tight
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One video of a cat and 9 Reddit text images with cat advice | thumbnail features two side by side images of the orange and brown and white cat from the first image in the list, overlaid text reads "How can I help socialize this girl?"

Fellow Rescuers Unite – Cat Folks Give Advice For Socializing Scared Strays

All It Takes Is A Little Patience
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail cat sleeping on green crocheted couch text " Hope this fits the sub: my cat snoozing on a sofa I crocheted for her"

Cat Loving Human Crochet's Cozy Couch For Cat, Redditors Paws To Appreciate The Craftsmanship And Adorability

Pawesome and cozy
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