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I ain't seeing no buffalo, but there sure as heck are a bunch of deer around here. One of the cutest, and surprisingly menacing creatures, at least to suburbia, is the deer. Don't let those doe eyes and bushy tails fool you, turn your head at the wrong time and your Rhododendrons are gone! So check out all this stash of deer products you won't be disappointed in, and forget about your lost gardening award.

Oh Deer, You're Tall!

cute deer - 8376869376

Share and Share Alike

sharing fawns deer noms Cats rabbits - 8167045632
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Whatsit: Fetch!

baby deer mom stick whatsit - 6031955456
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An Albino Fawn

albino cute deer fawn - 8295172864
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camera deer doe family photography - 4778663936
By Unknown

Will You Be My Friend?

baby deer disney rabbit - 3975857408

This Photo Will Cost You a Buck

cute deer Photo selfie - 8079815936
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Doe in the Spring Daises

cute deer flowers spring - 7918169088
By sixonefive72

This Makes Me Feel Twitterpated!

disney fawns skunks cute deer Flower bambi - 8002621952
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Chevrotain or Mouse deer.

deer mouse - 7575475456
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asking baby begging breakfast deer fawn morning noms offer question wake up waking up - 4568796416
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antlers deer Growing promise young - 5056228096
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Cuteness is Afoot!

cute deer fawns tiny - 8256642304
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A Sika Deer in Winter

beautiful deer snow winter - 7947319296
By sixonefive72

Would You Like a Cookie?

cookies deer gift noms snack - 6375528448
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Oh Deer, It's Time For a Nap

gifs cute deer - 8370385920
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