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I ain't seeing no buffalo, but there sure as heck are a bunch of deer around here. One of the cutest, and surprisingly menacing creatures, at least to suburbia, is the deer. Don't let those doe eyes and bushy tails fool you, turn your head at the wrong time and your Rhododendrons are gone! So check out all this stash of deer products you won't be disappointed in, and forget about your lost gardening award.


baby comfort cute deer fawn love pacifier security suckling sweet - 4179884032
By ColbiRae

Reader Squee: Obie Meets a Fawn

deer fawn Interspecies Love pet reader squee - 6490962944

Two Youngsters Meeting Each Other

cute deer friends fawns puppies squee - 8255438336
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By Unknown

Interspecies Love: Deer Kisses

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By GalderGollum

Cuteness is Afoot!

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Via brontosaurus-rex

Squee Spree: Deer vs. Donkey

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Oh Deer, It's Time For a Nap

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Via biomorphosis

This is Quite Possibly the Tiniest Deer Ever

this is quite possibly the tiniest deer ever
Via LudovicoSpecs

This Baby Deer Needs Rubs

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By Unknown

Himalayan Tahr

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Interspecies Love: New Herd

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Via BBC - National Trust
animals cute deer science Video - 76953089

This Shirtless-Scientist Casually Rescues a Baby Deer While Collecting Data in a Frack Pond

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Sitka-White-Tailed Deer

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By elinay


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By D SanDiego