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Just sit your keister down in that chair right there and harken: chairs sometimes don't leave you a leg to lean on. But if you get smacked by a  person in a wheelchair, you could call it a hit but can't run. So if you're into chairs and literally anything having to do with them. Just remember, you'll never be as good as Steven Hawking at musical chairs.

Chairturday: Kids These Days

chair chairturday river - 5951337472
Created by Unknown

Four On The... Oh.

chair lean legs - 5944434176

Chairturday: Undercover Class

chair cover fancy leather - 5923184128
Created by Unknown

Your Daily Bookcase: Become One With the Books

bookcase chair computer furniture shelves - 5968766720
Via Apartment Therapy

Chairturday: I Get Shotgun!

chair chairturday seat truck - 5839352064

We Need Cooler Lightbulbs

art chair sculpture - 5921552640
Via Dark Silence in Suburbia

Chairturday: Woodtervention

chair chairturday wood - 5832526592
Created by GreatfulDread ( Via Crye*Leike )

No Barrel Required

chair couch furniture print - 5833976320

Chairturday: This One is JUST Right!

bear chair seat - 5870522624
Created by Emerald63

Lazy Baked Potato

chair lounge Pillow - 5874246656

Chairturday: Wide Load

chair chairturday yard - 5854884352
Created by jreeming_jragonz

Just Sink In

bath tub bathroom chair comfy furniture - 5844176384

Junk Bundle Chair

chair furniture - 5833687040

And Now For Your Daily Bookcase

best of the week bookcase chair nook - 5818063104

Chairturday: Suicide Pact

balcony chair jump railing - 5739905280
Created by sabowin

You're Sitting in It!

books chair library storage - 5797391872