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Totally Floored

busy design floor Painted - 6285450752
Created by Emerald63 ( Via Realtor )

Your Daily Bookcase: Erudite Doggie

bookcase books dogs shelves - 6349249024
Via Apartment Therapy

When's the Last Time You Opened a Window?

wall yellow - 6326867968
Created by Howley ( Via Funda )

Post-It Table

table - 6332014080
Via Gizmodiva

Oh No! It's a Fatal Case of...

Cheezburger Image 6343217664
Created by Emerald63 ( Via Realtor )

Your Daily Bookcase: All Smiles

bookcase face red shelves - 6345503488
Via Example

Close Enough

bed mattress - 6345698816
Created by Unknown

Human Hair Ottoman

gross hair - 6332035072
Via Laughing Squid

Tumble-Down Mornings

apartment bed small stairs - 6285442560
Created by Emerald63 ( Via Freshome )

Your Daily Bookcase: Do the Swivel

bookcase shelves swivel wall - 6336507904
Via Apartment Therapy

Slow Home

dome house - 6335966720
Created by Unknown

The Scooters Will Catch You!

Cheezburger Image 6310741760
Created by Unknown

I Just Can't Believe it!

man porch rain sculpture - 6285436416
Created by Emerald63 ( Via Trend Hunter )

Chairturday: Plant Yourself Here

chair chairturday seat tree - 6281542912
Created by Lietzl

Looks Comfy

Cheezburger Image 6307767552
Via Regretsy

Your Daily Bookcase: The Pinnacle of Knowledge

Angles bookcase diagonal shelves - 6332871936
Via Modern Housez