I always miss the fun stuff

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littleAPC proudly shows a list of all comfeesofa members who believe that she is the smartest member..

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cake couch cat memes - 9247990272
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Thanks to kittie's generosity, kittie and hims hoomin will boff hab a tasty meal..

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All Cat Owners Across The World Can Relate To This

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Don't be so quick to judge You want me to stay informed, and this is the only way I can handle the news these days

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A Cat Lovers Nightly Dilemma.

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A Greek God In Training

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Not Leaving This Spot Until Monday

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I Can't Imagine What Scared Him so Much!

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As It Should Be

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The Usual Dilemma

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I'm Pretty Predictable

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if the couch were any bigger the cat would still be taking up all of it

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Oh, Did You Call?

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Don't Keep Me Waiting!

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