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Alright, let's make sure we've got everyone this time... we don't want today to end up like our last field trip to the natural history museum, now do we?

Okay, Claudio, you're here. And I can see Julie and Sylvia and Tracy... And there's Megan and Darwin and Elliott and OH FOR THE LOVE OF CEILING PENGUIN WHERE DID GENE GO?

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Do you have a squeedorable picture of your pet under the Christmas tree, helping you light the Hanukkah menorah, or dressed in the ugliest holiday sweater imaginable? Well share them with your fellow squeeps! Send me the best holiday pictures of your pet and they could end up on the front page.

Things to consider:
The higher quality the picture the better.
2) Try and give your submission a festive title.
3)Don't forget to give a short and squee description.

I look forward to seeing all your holiday themed Reader Squees!

-Sally Squeeps

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