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cute Spotted-Necked Otters Go On A Carrot Hunt | thumbnail includes a photo of an otter at the zoo doing its thing

Spotted-Necked Otters Go On A Carrot Hunt (Video)

Otter-ly Adorable!
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tumblr thread about funniest things zookeepers have ever heard people say at the zoo | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - spyglassrealms Follow yeah. as a part time zookeeper myself? yeah. my brother, who also works at the zoo, once overheard a guest remark with maximum confidence that our polar bear was an animatronic. when asked why the hell he thought as much, this guy. oh my god this fucking guy. without HESITATING he replied that "polar bears are made up by the'

Tumblr Thread: Funniest Things Zoo Employees Have Ever Been Asked

'Can I get baptized in the otter pool?'
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zoomies heartwarming ruthf warm and fuzzy faith in humanity zoo zoos zookeeper animals - 16065541

Zoo Animals and Zookeepers Who Have a Special Bond

Animals and zookeepers form secure attachments
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video of cali zoo animals opening christmas gifts | thumbnail image of two animals on wooden structure one with gift in hand opening it

Cali Zoo Animals Tear Open Christmas Gifts (Video)

Christmas Day has finally arrived
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video of a polar bear meeting her half sister for the first time | thumbnail includes image of the two bears swimming underwater together

Polar Bear Meets Half-Sister For First Time (Video)

Bear-y cute!
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tumblr thread about a crane choosing a zookeeper as her new mate | thumbnail includes a picture of a man standing next to a crane 'Walnut immediately began paying special attention to Chris--and ignoring the eligible male crane in a nearby enclosure. Walnut initiated their courtship, performing the opening moves of a mating dance.'

Tumblr Thread: Crane Chooses Zookeeper As Her New Mate

A love story for the ages (?)
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story about a reverse zoo with people in cages and lions watching them from the outside | thumbnail includes a picture of a lion walking up to a group of people in a cage

'Reverse Zoo' Puts Humans In Cages So Lions Can Watch Us For Once

Please, can we go?
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2 videos of tortoise and scratching device | thumbnail tortoise using scratching device

Adorable Tortoise Loves Rubbing His Shell Against Homemade Scratching Devic

"Zo o keepers made a tortoise a homemade scratching station and an adorable video shows the creature wiggling while trying it out. Morgan Brem, a Dallas Zoo intern, created the scratching device for Sunny the radiated tortoise. Made from broom heads, it's perfect for the little animal to itch the impossible to reach spots on the top of its shell. The video shows Sunny wiggling its behind to scratch." This scratching station looks so adorably satisfying for Sunny. We love to see animals being ta…
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tumblr thread about a tug of war game between three professional wrestlers and a lioness | thumbnail includes two pictures including three man holding one side of a rope and a lion holding the other 'ordinaryredtail Follow For anyone wondering, this is amazing enrichment for the animal and a great way to involve guests! The lions aren't forced to play with the rope if they don't want to, and these guys (and anyone else who tries this out) have an awesome close up and hands on experience, all wi'

Tumblr Thread: Tug Of War Between Lioness And 3 Professional Wrestlers

Guess who wins.
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red panda wanders zoo, meets raccoon - thumbnail of red panda coming face-to-face with raccoon

Red Panda Comes Face-To-Face With Raccoon As It Freely Wanders The Zoo (Video)

When red panda meets trash panda
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polar bear welcomes twin cubs - thumbnail of polar bear with cub

Detroit Zoo Welcomes Birth Of Twin Polar Bear Cubs (Video)

First time since 2004
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zookeeper from australia shares his love for animals - thumbnail of zookeeper hugging koala bear and koala kissing his forehead

Australian Zookeeper Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Look Into His Wild Job

And it's awakening everyone's love for animals
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zoo celebrates holidays spirit by giving animals christmas related ornaments decorations items tree snow merry xmas

Animals At Sydney Zoo In Australia Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

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story about a critically endangered black baby rhino being born in the chester zoo thumbnail includes a picture of two black rhinos looking at each other a rhino mom and a black rhino baby

Critically Endangered Black Rhino Calf Is Born In Chester Zoo

The birth and first steps caught on camera!
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video about a meerkat a hyena cub and two lion cubs becoming friends in a zoo in africa thumbnail includes a picture of a meerkat a hyena and two lion cubs playing together

Meerkat, a Hyena Cub And Two Lion Cubs Are Best Friends (Video)

A real-life friendship like out of a Disney movie
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pictures of animal x-rays including x-rays of pregnant animals twitter thread that went viral thumbnail includes an x-ray picture of a chameleon

Halloween-y Inner Beauty Of Animal X-Rays Viral Twitter Thread

Animals are beautiful on the outside AND on the inside
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