I Can Has Cheezburger?


cougar wake up puma jaguar zoo adopted feline good morning Cats animals rescue - 3566598

Pet Puma Wakes Hoomans Up With Slobbery Kisses And Excitement (Video)

A lil wake up call
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video of red panda pabu sneaking up on mom | thumbnail image of red panda about to pounce at other red panda closer to camera

Super Sneaky Red Panda Pabu Playfully Pounces On Mom In Ultimate Sneak Attack Of Cuteness (Video)

Ambush mode, activated
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video of birds enjoying weather | thumbnail close up image of feathered bird with purple and blue eye, side view

Cute Wild Birds Enjoy The Outdoors Together To Celebrate Spring (Video)

Spring has sprung
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video of a bear cub riding on a scooter | thumbnail includes two pictures of a bear cub riding on a scooter

Baby Bear Riding A Scooter, Zookeepers Build Another Scooter For Bear Cub That Gets Jealous (Video)

They're... actually riding scooters...
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11 images of dinosaurs constructed from legos | thumbnail left and right dinosaurs made from legos

Incredible Lego Dinosaurs Make Their (Pre) Historic Debut At Marwell Zoo

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video of baby goats frolicking and playing together | thumbnail image of baby goat being bottle fed

Adorable Baby Goats Excitedly Frolic Together During Playdate (Video)

Happy GOATcha day
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video highlighting rare baby deer | thumbnail image of baby deer close up portrait sticking his tongue out

Rare Baby Deer's Birth Delights Zookeepers (Video)

We love a baby deer
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video of porcupine walking around zoo | thumbnail image of porcupine close up

Porcupine Takes A Power Walk Around The Zoo (Video)

Strut your stuff sis
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video of chimpanzees cared for in animal facility | thumbnail image of three chimpanzees

Caring For Chimpanzees As They Age At Oregon Zoo (Video)

Aging like humans, being taken care of like Chimps
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video about zoo staff, move in to zoo to care for animals in kyiv | thumbnail image of large lion sitting

Selfless Staff Members Move Into Kyiv Zoo To Care For Animals Amidst Tumultuousness (Video)

Not all heroes wear capes
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video of sea otters eating oysters | thumbnail image of otters eating oysters

Adorably Hongry Sea Otters Shuck And Eat Oysters (Video)

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a red panda is introduced to a new friend who provides her with a very interesting relationship | thumbnail includes a beautiful red panda peeking out through the foliage

Beautiful Red Panda Makes A New Friend (Video)

What will happen?
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cute Spotted-Necked Otters Go On A Carrot Hunt | thumbnail includes a photo of an otter at the zoo doing its thing

Spotted-Necked Otters Go On A Carrot Hunt (Video)

Otter-ly Adorable!
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tumblr thread about funniest things zookeepers have ever heard people say at the zoo | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - spyglassrealms Follow yeah. as a part time zookeeper myself? yeah. my brother, who also works at the zoo, once overheard a guest remark with maximum confidence that our polar bear was an animatronic. when asked why the hell he thought as much, this guy. oh my god this fucking guy. without HESITATING he replied that "polar bears are made up by the'

Tumblr Thread: Funniest Things Zoo Employees Have Ever Been Asked

'Can I get baptized in the otter pool?'
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zoomies heartwarming ruthf warm and fuzzy faith in humanity zoo zoos zookeeper animals - 16065541

Zoo Animals and Zookeepers Who Have a Special Bond

Animals and zookeepers form secure attachments
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video of cali zoo animals opening christmas gifts | thumbnail image of two animals on wooden structure one with gift in hand opening it

Cali Zoo Animals Tear Open Christmas Gifts (Video)

Christmas Day has finally arrived
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