I Can Has Cheezburger?


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12 Times Husbands And Wives Did Very Bad Thing Behind Their Partner's Back (Memes)

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Animals Too, Have To Deal With Their Mad Wives (14 Memes)

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Women Makes Her Husband Believe a Baby Is Coming But Has a Different Surprise For Him

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In Hilariuos Text Exchange, Wife Convinces Her Husband She “Adopted” A Pet Coyote

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If You Don't Like My Driving, Stay off the Sidewalk

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Good Question

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Saving Money

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Dog Must Have Called "Shotgun"

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What Did You Do, Now?

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I'm Not Sure You Want To Swaddle That Baby

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'Nuff Said!

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What a Purrfect way to Start Your Morning

Cats bed surprise morning wife - 7892485376
By Unknown

Owl Catch You One of These Days

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She'z Got Him on a Tight Leash

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Nawt DAT Agen!

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Can you say no to this face?

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