I Can Has Cheezburger?


wholesome spooky-cat cat crazy cat lady adorable cat mom halloween Fluffy floofy kitten cute skeleton-decoration lol lap cat viral kitty - 1690375

Lap Cat Thinks Skeleton Decoration Is a Real Person and Adorably Curls up on It’s Lap Awaiting Pets, Goes Viral

A perfect representation of when a cat chooses you as a perch and now you can't move until they do.
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twitter thread about a man faking drowning and a cat not reacting to it | thumbnail includes two pictures including a man drowning and a cat sitting on the edge of a pool with a drowned man behind it and one tweet 'Font - Rob @thegallowboob this guy faked drowning to see his cat's reaction and it went exactly as expected 12:21 AM - Sep 15, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 23.2K Retweets 1,707 Quote Tweets 225.3K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Man Fakes Drowning, Cat Reacts Entirely Predictably, And The Internet Memes The Heck Out Of It

Let the memeing commence.
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twitter thread about a cat getting kicked out of a botanical garden | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Sarah McAnulty, Ph.D @SarahMackAttack ... Tonight I saw a massive orange cat get escorted out of Longwood Gardens. I asked “is he not welcome here?", and the guy sighed & said “He shows up at the most inopportune moments". So now, obviously, I want an entire sitcom about their relationship. 6:41 AM - Sep 17, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 2,253 Retweets 115 Quote Tweets 42.1K Likes'

Twitter Thread: The Story Of The Criminal Cat Who Got Escorted From A Botanical Garden

He's a regular there.
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twitter thread of paintings of cats stealing food | thumbnail includes a painting of a cat stealing food off a table and one tweet 'Font - Cats of Yore @CatsOfYore ... One of my favorite sub-genres of art is Cats Stealing Food in Still Life Paintings. It's so wonderfully disrespectful. So here is a thread celebrating the need for snacks triumphing over art. First, Still Life with Cat. Alexandre-Francois Desportes, 1705. thegreatcat.org/the-cat-in-art...'

Twitter Thread: Hooligan Cats Stealing Food In Still Life Paintings Throughout History

They are and have always been hooligans.
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twitter thread about a woman ending a date because her date said that she hates cats | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - ely kreimendahl @ElyKreimendahl the queerest moment of my life was a first date with a cute girl that was going really well until she said “I hate cats" and I was like ohhh and she was like "should we just end this now?" and I was like "ugh. yeah probably" and then we hugged goodbye 3:53 AM - Sep 9, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 10.1K Retweets 1,309 Quote Tweets 258.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: People Choosing Cats As Their Very First Priority, Even When Dating

Cat first, girlfriend second
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twitter thread about cats fooling their owners into buying them more food | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Lisa @GlitterMagpie I've grown up with cats, had them all my life. Would describe myself as an experienced cat owner, but sometimes I still fall for their shit. Tried a new catfood and they loved it so I bought a massive box. We all know how this ended 9:22 PM - Sep 1, 2022 - Twitter for Android 707 Retweets 126 Quote Tweets 18.5K Likes MUA'

Twitter Thread: Fussy And Spoiled Cats Fooling Their 'Experienced' Owners

We can't win lol.
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viral imgur thread about the importance of playing with cats | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats looking at the camera 'Every feline, regardless of their age, should be engaged with play and other enrichment every single day... While there are many great things you can give to your cat to play with independently, there is no replacement for interactions with you, their human adrianontherocks'

Viral Thread: The Importance Of Playing With Your Cat And Some Of The Best Ways To Do So

Impurrtant to know.
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twitter thread about paintings of cats being spoon fed by humans throughout history | thumbnail includes one image of an old woman holding a bundled up cat and spoon feeding it and one tweet 'Chin - Cats of Yore @CatsOfYore Good news! I found a bunch of paintings of people throughout history spoon feeding cats like babies. First, this peasant woman with a cat, ca. 1640 - 1642. commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Davi... ALT 9:48 AM - Aug 26, 2022. Twitter Web App'

Twitter Thread: Paintings Of People Throughout History Spoon-Feeding Cats Like Babies

We have forever and always been whipped for cats.
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wholesome crazy cat lady rescue-cats abandoned-kittens cat lady saved-kittens kitten happy ending viral fur-family cat person Cats - 17791237

'Is this how cat-ladies are made?' Woman saves abandoned kitten from side of the road, a few days later finds four even younger kittens in a pipe

Fate really said, 'you're a cat lady now.'
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twitter thread about cheetahs meowing and purring like house cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cheetah and one tweet ' Today Years Old @todayyearsoldig guys did you know that cheetah’s dont roar, THEY MEOW and purr like house cats. From  Today i Learned 5:31 AM · Aug 25, 2022·Twitter for iPhone 62.4K  Retweets 9,291  Quote Tweets 439.8K  Likes'

Twitter Thread: Cheetahs Don't Roar, They Meow And Purr Like House Cats & Other Fun Facts About Cheetahs

Even more reasons to want to pet them.
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twitter thread about the differences between the live action and the animated version of the lion king | thumbnail includes a screenshot of a live action lion cub and an animated shocked lion cub and one tweet 'Plant - lewis @lewisjwr I'm not joking when I say this is quite literally the worst thing I've ever seen in my life put to film. These are the same moments in the Lion King story: the moment Simba notices the stampede 3:26 PM - Aug 22, 2022'

Twitter Thread: Meme-ing The Heck Out Of The Differences Between The Animated And The Live Action 'The Lion King'

To laugh or to cry - that's the question.
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wholesome cat kitten-rescue cat-siblings kitten Cat Video new-baby-cat cat story viral Cats dumpster-kitten - 17741061

'Time, patience, and love, every situation is different': Kitten rescued from dumpster is initially hated and hissed at by the house cat, but now they're inseparable

"She has made a great addition—took time, yes—but it all worked out."
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viral imgur thread with information about how to take care of senior cats | thumbnail includes two images of senior cats 'Feline behavior post senior cats adrianontherocks'

Everything Cat Owners Need To Know About How To Take Care Of Senior Felines: Informative Viral Thread

Very impurrtant to know.
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twitter thread about the worst cat in the world passing away | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sitting under a table and one tweet 'Font - OBIT Ned Potter @ned_potter Daisy Boo Biscuit Potter today departed for the great litter tray in the sky, aged 18. Daisy was voted 'objectively worst cat in the world' 3 years running, and her hobbies included vomiting and ignoring us.'

Twitter Thread: Kitty That Was Voted 'Objectively Worst Cat In The World’ 3 Years Running Gets A Loving Farewell

In memory of the worst cat in the world who was actually purrfect <3
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imgur viral thread about an injured mom cat going through tough labor and giving birth | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat cuddling a newborn kitten 'The next baby got stuck in the birth canal... I called the emergency vet and took her to the hospital.  A stuck baby is an emergency for the mama cat and other babies in her belly kittycrazy88'

Injured Pregnant Street Cat Gets Rescued, Goes Through A Difficult Labor, But Thankfully, There's A Happy Ending

It was hard, but she stayed strong <3
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twitter thread about expensive cat vet visits | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Julia Claire @ohJuliatweets Every time I go to the vet they say "That will be $400," and I say okay I will bankrupt myself again for my perfect small cat 6:28 PM - Aug 13, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 1,072 Retweets 78 Quote Tweets 23K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Mega Expensive Vet Visits Suck But Our Purrfect Cats Are Worth Every Penny

Worth it.
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