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thread about a man building a safe space for his cats to be able to go outside | thumbnail includes one picture of two cats sitting under a net outside 'welcome to AlCatRaz'

Man Builds 'Cat Prison' So His Cats Can Have 'Freedom' And Goes Viral

Welcome to AlCatRaz
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tweets about spicy cats going to the vet | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Chelsea M. Cameron @chel_c_cam My friend Liz is a vet tech, and they call the cats they have to wrap up so they don't claw the vet "spicy purritos" I thought everyone needed to know 5:33 AM - May 14, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 2,317 Retweets 178 Quote Tweets 27K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Stories Of 'Spicy Cats' Losing Their Minds At The Vet

Extra spicy.
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tweets of funny paintings of cats throughout history | thumbnail includes two pictures including a painting of a cat playing the organ 'Organism - weird medieval guys @WeirdMedieval ... cat playing the organ, belgium, 15th century 6:51' and a cat churning butter 'Carnivore - weird medieval guys @WeirdMedieval ... cat churning butter, germany, ca. 12th century +pten E Ego Heruo raniti xpret" rone con 1:57 PM · Apr 30, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 7,498 Retweets 661 Quote Tweets 61.7K Likes'

Ridiculous Paintings Of Cats Throughout History: Tweets Proving Cats Have Always Had Us Whipped

Actually ridiculous yet purrfect paintings.
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twitter thread about a bunch of people rescuing pregnant cats and adopting them and their babies | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat cuddling a bunch of kittens and one tweet 'Cat - www Frances and Family @francesandfam 8 months ago I brought Frances inside. 2 days later she gave birth. I never thought I could ever love anything as much as I love them. 6 cats was never part of my plans but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the whole world. Thank you for helping us all stay a family.'

Twitter Thread: Adopting Pregnant Cats And Wholesome Stories Of People Keeping Their Babies Too

Adopting whole feline families <3
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viral imgur thread about a cat unexpectedly giving birth on Easter | thumbnail includes two pictures of a mom cat lying with a bunch of newborn kittens 'Surprise Easter kittens! kittycrazy88'

In An Awwdorble Surprise, Cat Gives Birth During Easter, Goes Viral And Takes Over Everyone's Hearts

Going viral over and over and over again.
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imgur thread about cats lying down flat on their backs | thumbnail includes two pictures of kittens lying flat on their backs

Cats Lying Flat On Their Backs Because Of Their Totally Exhausting Lives

Sleeping and eating and bathing can be really hard sometimes.
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story about an autistic boy volunteering in a cat shelter | thumbnail includes two pictures including a boy holding a cat in his lap and a boy with kittens all over him 'Rectangle - HisMomm · 3d ... (OC) My son is autistic & LOVES cats, so for the past 4 years he has volunteered to socialize the cats & kittens at our local animal shelter to help get them adopted'

Heartwarming Story Of An Autistic Boy Volunteering At A Shelter And Helping Cats Get Adopted

Pure wholesomeness.
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twitter thread about a waitress asking a woman if she ever taught her about dinosaur poop | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Dr Susannah Lydon ... @susieoftraken So last night we went to eat at a pub, and the young woman serving us said to me "Can I ask you a weird question?". The only answer you can ever give to that question is "Of course..." "Did you come to my school when I was little and show me dinosaur poo?" 1/3 1:50 PM · Apr 9, 2022 - Twitter'

Twitter Thread: Woman Recognizes Old Teacher From Lesson About Fossils And Wholesomeness Ensues

Memorable dino poop.
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viral tweets about a funny cat that looks perpetually shocked | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat with huge wide eyes and one tweet 'Cat - jinx @bigfootjinx ... every single morning i wake up to jinx sitting on my pillow staring into my soul READING'

Perpetually Spooked Cat Who Looks Like A 'Stuffed Animal' Goes Mega Viral On Twitter

Going viral over and over and over.
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story about a couple fostering a pregnant cat | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with four kittens sucking it 'Yesterday my wife asked me how I'd feel about fostering a pregnant cat for a few weeks while she gave birth to and raised kittens. I was kinda busy so I mumbled "Sure, that would be cool someday." Well, I was greeted this afternoon by a very pregnant cat. I guess today is someday. Wish us luck. u/JephriB' 'Jade, the pregnant foster cat my wife brought home as a 'surprise' last'

The Wholesome Journey Of Fostering A Pregnant Cat And Helping Her Birth The Kittens

'It looks like the cat we were fostering ran out of ink as she formed these kittens.'
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viral imgur thread explaining overstimulation in cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat walking 'Sometimes, you'll be petting or playing with your cat- and they'll scratch you, or nip at you.  It happens to all of us!  This kind of behavior is typically referred to as overstimulation, and there are multiple ways it can happen adrianontherocks'

Why Do Cats Bite Their Humans: Viral Thread Explaining Overstimulation In Cats

It doesn't mean they hate you.
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twitter thread about hermit crabs exchanging shells | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - sloane (sîpihkopiyesîs) @cottoncandaddy I just learned that if a hermit crab finds a new shell that is too big it will wait for other hermit crabs who need new shells to gather and then they will organize themselves by size and trade shells and I am pissed that the crabs have a better housing market than we do 6:34 AM Apr 3, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 45.2K Retweets 838 Quote Tweets 384K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Hermit Crabs Organizing Themselves Based On Size And Trading Shells

And amusing twitter users.
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twitter thread about people wanting to adopt kittens before they are ready to be adopted | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Elle Em @elle em People: I would like to adopt a kitten Me: ok well they will be available in like six weeks People: no I want one now Me: they're still bottle-feeding People: ok but they're small and cute now Me: they will be small and cute in six weeks People: no they will be old Me: 12:49 PM - Mar 31, 2022 - Twitter Web App 929 Retweets 128 Quote Tweets 29.4K Likes'

Explaining Why It's Important To Adopt Kittens Only When They Are Ready: Twitter Thread

Waiting a bit is important.
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viral imgur thread about why it's bad to use spray bottles on cats | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat 'Why you shouldn't use a squirt bottle on your cat, and what to do instead adrianontherocks'

Why Using Squirt Bottles On Cats Can Be Harmful Sometimes (Viral Thread)

Be careful with your furbabies please.
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twitter thread about someone encountering a scary-looking animal and not knowing what it is | thumbnail includes a picture of an unknown animal and one tweet 'Plant - Blizz ... @Blizzjuuheardd Boy what the fuck is this shit I'm getting out of tampa bro'

Person Photographs Strange Animal And Freaks Out, Twitter Tries To Figure Out What TF It Is (Viral Tweets)

Is it a... dog? Coyote? Bear?
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twitter thread about cats being affectionate to their humans | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - johannes (yo-han-ehz) / semi-professional cuntboy @JohannesTEvans it's so funny that people think of cats as distant and aloof when frequently cats are just as obsessed with the people they live with as the people are with them and it's so GOOD 8:49 PM · Mar 22, 2022 - Twitter for Android 10.2K Retweets 1,797 Quote Tweets 93.1K Likes'

Actually, Cats Are Not Aloof, They Are Obsessed With Their Humans: Twitter Thread

Cats are purrfect.
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