I Can Has Cheezburger?


Meet Winnie, the Cat Who Ate 46 Hair Ties and Lived to Tell the Tail

fail facebook cat eats 46 hairties
Via Animal Emergency & Critical Care of Lynchburg
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Woman Leaves Everything Behind to Help Dogs in Sri Lanka and Inspires Others to Do the Same

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$0.25 Out of a Machine. $947.36 Out of a Dog. Gotta Love That Smug "Worth It" Look.

dog smug worth it look swallowed ball vet trip
Via Ferenginar
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Woman Accidentally Steps on a Snail, but Instead of Walking Away, She Takes It to the Vet

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paws doctor veterinarian beagle Video children - 84776449

Charlie the Beagle Lets a Little Girl in a Lab Coat Take Care of His Injured Paw

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A Clever Vet Managed to Save Conquer the Goldfish After a Pebble Got Stuck in His Throat

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Close Enough

brave veterinarian shiba inu - 8404179200
Via Whiskey_Queen

The Case of the Purloined Bits

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The Veterinarian Shows Exactly How Hot it Gets in a Parked Car

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They Need Human-Sized Aquariums Like This!

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After a Visit to this Vet, Your Cat will be Feline Fine!

signs puns veterinarian Cats - 7887703296
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Dis Iz A Bery Adberse Reacshun!

veterinarian reaction kangaroos - 7032007168
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I Don't Think This Kid is Licensed to Practice Medicine

medicine vet veterinarian - 7055412736
Via Cats, Beavers & Ducks

We Can't All Be Astronauts, and We Can't All Be Veterinarians

veterinarian comic vet Cats squee - 7039159296
Via Jeff Wysaski

Animal Capshunz: It's a Real Problem in His Pond

addiction captions crack doctor drugs ducks puns quack rehab veterinarian - 6429321216
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do not want german shepherd vet veterinarian - 5088466944
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