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12 text images discussion on vets going above and beyond | thumbnail text "I took my very sick cat in to the vets and turned out he had cancer. I thought it was hyperthyroidism. Have had cats with that before. The vet offered for me to come back later with my husband after spoiling my little shadow for the past 15 years all day. The vet herself cradled him and took him to the back after he'd passed. A week later we also received a beautiful signed sympathy card with personal messages"

Heartwarming Instances Of Vets Going Above And Beyond For Their Patients

Pet owners, where you at? You guys know just how much of a difference in a good vet can make. We trust our vets to care for our CHILDREN . That is no light task! These professional animal lovers have a beautiful habit of going above and beyond for their patients, and we salute them! We want to give a big shout out to all of the vets, and veterinary support workers out there. We appreciate you! Vets can especially make a difference for us pet owners when we are going through a difficult time wit…
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video of elephant receiving skin treatment | thumbnail left elephant being scrubbed, thumbnail right elephant in water

Squad Of Vets Explain Elephant's Special Skin Treatment (Video)

Elephants are beautiful and majestic creatures! Their intensely large size shows everyone that they are not to be messed with! Their big floppy ears are nothing short of awwdorable. These gentle giants never fail to make us smile. Elephants seem to really enjoy their bath/water time! Even in this case, when bath time is accompanied by a healing skin treatment. The vet team uses a special type of tree bark to bath the elephant, almost using it as a substitute for soap. They carefully massage the…
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10 images of elephants | thumbnail elephant and vet touching hand and trunk

Elephant Recognizes Vet Who Saved His Life 12 Years Prior

Plai Thang The 31 Year Old Elephant Reunites With Beloved Vet
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one video and eleven images of the animal welfare society of south Florida | thumbnail left picture of pet hospital from outside, thumbnail left is society's logo

Good Vibes Spotlight: Animal Welfare Society Of South Florida (Video)

Vet's Office Helps Local Pet Owners
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10 images of cats with bee stings | thumbnail left white and orange cat with swollen paw, thumbnail right grey and white cat laying down with swollen paw being held by human hand

The Bees Are Back In Town: Next Stop Cats

How To Take Care Of Your Cat Post Bee Sting
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aww wholesome cat adorable heartwarming youtube veterinarian cute lol silly vet Cats funny Video - 2203142

Vet Assistant Gets In Cage To Hang Out With Her Favorite Cat (Video)

Ngl, we would do the same thing LOL.
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tweets about a dog getting a certificate of bravery at the vet's thumbnail includes two pictures including the certificate and a picture of a dog in a cone 'Dog - Megan Mackay O @mmmegan ... My dog got a certificate of bravery at the vet today Animal Hospital Certificate of Bravery Theieste ia ded Miss. Lucy Mackay te remgnitien of her hravry and pasitive sttaud dering her stay with e Signed: Date a 6:18 AM Mar 2, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 5,758 Retweets 407 Quote Tweets 76.5K Likes''

Twitter User's Dog Gets 'Certificate Of Bravery' At The Vet's

The bestest of best boys.
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a day in the life of a veterinarian - thumbnail of two cats

A Day In The Life Of A Veterinarian: Cats Edition

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vets share what they wish people knew about their pets - thumbnail of smiling dog "Veterinarians of Reddit: What is one thing you wish people would know/understand about their pet?" "About their pet, the best one I know is one I heard a while ago: You have your life, your job, your friends, your family to provide your social interaction per day. Your dog only has YOU. Interact with your dog for more than five minutes per day and maybe your dog will not go out barking every five seconds."

Veterinarians Of Reddit Reveal What They Wish Pet Owners Would Understand

Really valuable information in here
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A cover photo of a dog wholes name is Chloe, who is a 13-year-old Maltese mix and on the photo says "Pet of The Month" and that chloe is in need of a tumor removal surgery

Pet of the Month: Chloë, 13-year-old Maltese mix, In Need of Tumor Removal Surgery

Together we can help Chloë!
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debunking dog myth such as they don't feel guilt

Veterinarians Debunk The Most Common Dog Myths

Dog myths debunked
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Clever Signs By Veterinarian Clinics With a Great Sense Of Humor (Fresh Collection)

Clever Vet Signs
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funny vet memes

Memes About Being a Vet

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But Where?

meme about asking the cat where it meows
Via Cats On Catnip

Evetything Is Fine...Why Are You Asking?

funny picture of a cat at the vet and drinking out of the water cooler like you'd expect a cat at home to do
Via Happy Cats
veterinarian signs about cat puns

Funniest Vet Signs About Cats

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