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Don't Ask How I Poured the Wine...And Don't Go in the Kitchen

tuxedo puns cute wine dinner - 7964065280

Simply Irresistible

tuxedo - 7401904896
See all captions Created by raekathy

Reader Squee: Fancy Man

Cats nose pets reader squee squee tuxedo - 6787675648
Created by Smirnov

I Think Short Works Better for You

cat fashion gloves tuxedo advice funny - 6976263168
See all captions Created by iluvchocolate

Um, Kitteh... About Your Addiction to Celebrity Apprentice...

cat tuxedo TV funny - 6933943808
See all captions Created by Emerald63

Da misteree iz solved!

tuxedo detective captions mystery Cats guilty - 6875168512
See all captions Created by penelopesdad

You Sir, are rude...

costume tuxedo kitchen butler what breed - 6736529408
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tuxedo wash captions bath Cats - 6757795840
See all captions Created by djcat595

Casual Dress Penguin

bird clothes penguin tuxedo - 4349765120
Created by sixonefive72

Classic LOLcat

classic classics fat snug tuxedo - 6391178496

Shaken, not stirred

james bond pug tuxedo - 6186356736
See all captions Created by TyJB08

MemeCats: One Percent Cat Has Had Enough

fancy memecats Memes Occupy Wall Street protesters spray bottle tuxedo water - 5465091840
Via Reddit

Kittehs R Owr Friends: Ai Lubs Ur Perfyoom

couch kittehs r owr friends neck shiba inu sniff tuxedo - 4917260544


animated gifs costume FAIL fall fancy gifs james bond tuxedo - 4826547200


baby coloring do want reader squees rescued tuxedo - 4732349952
Created by DateMasamune


baby chick down heart heart-shaped penguin shape tuxedo - 4535237376
Created by paromama174 ( Via The Daily Mail )