I Can Has Cheezburger?

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10 images and gifs of snakes wearing hats | thumbnail left small orange snake with top hat, thumbnail right small greenish snake with top hat and tie reading a book

14 Gentle Snakes Sporting Their Gentlemen's Best: Top Hats

Silly Snakes Wearing Hats
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Churchill puppy

top hat french bulldogs pipe - 6653217280
See all captions Created by vandle89

Swell Observation, Old Chap!

awesome dapper dinosaurs quite top hat tyrannasaurus rex - 5435020288
Via Chillaugh

Unimpressive Magic Puppy

labrador puppy top hat captions categoryimage - 6567263744
Created by gschoppe

Our finest hour...

french bulldogs history pipe speech top hat WWII captions categoryimage - 6566351104
See all captions Created by mikebrow

Daily Squee: Gentlemen Tortoise

fancy squee top hat tortoise turtle - 6390974976
Via Bunny Food

I Has A Hotdog: Oh yes, let's...

captions fancy sir pipe top hat walk walkies what breed - 6356393216
See all captions Created by AngelAndz

Daily Squee: Fashionable Ducky!

birds duck duckling ducklings ducks fancy fashionable Hall of Fame squee top hat - 6184757504
Via Addelburgh

My parents did it

best of the week board caption captioned cat explanation monopoly spot top hat - 5547901184
See all captions Created by WilliamKeckler

Acting Like Animals: Indubitably.

acting like animals baby chick chicken costume hat top hat - 5802952192
Via Julie Persons

Every girl

bowtie fancy pomeranian top hat - 5682057472
See all captions Created by Niniva

Tap Dansing lessons

dog food kibble pomeranian top hat - 5623492096
See all captions Created by beaniebop

He's in the 1%

classy dinosaurs hats top hat tyrannasaurus rex - 5595089664
Via Dapper Dinos


animated gifs cobra dancing fake fancy gifs photoshopped top hat - 5496601856
Via Blog Soup

I say chap

clue mystery pipe terrier top hat whatbreed - 4874070528
See all captions Created by mistymccool

I is

dad human imitating imitation mixed breed scottish terrier top hat - 4850573056
See all captions Created by Sky-Sky
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