I Can Has Cheezburger?


You better stick that tongue back in your mouth right this instant. The strongest muscle in the body and also one of the most versatile, and one we probably have more control over than any other. These slippery jokes and puns will have you tongue-wagging.

Hurry Up and Take the Picture

pug tongue hug - 8339835648
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Invisible Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka tongue otter - 8339373056
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When You Try to Have a Serious Chat With the Cat

tongue Cats burn - 8319239424
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What a Whiskery Little Devil!

Babies yawning Tasmanian Devil cute tongue - 8288892160
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Always be Ready for Ice Cream

cute tongue ice cream - 8266478848
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Target Acquired: Noms in Sight

hungry tongue prarie dogs noms squee delightful insurance - 4254478080
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When Your Date Uses Too Much Tongue

nature gifs tongue kissing lizard weird - 8259565568
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I'm Ready for My Ice Cream!

basement cat cute tongue Cats - 8217102592
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Is That Ice Cream? I'm Ready for a Taste!

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A Prickly Tickle

Babies Cats cute gifs tongue tickle - 8149300992
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Can We Just Take One Nice One?

Babies polar bears cute tongue cubs - 8116378112
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I Just Caught the One on My Eye!

catch snow cute tongue funny - 8015165440
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Yeah, They're Tough...

pitbulls cute tongue funny - 8001212416
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I Was Tired Too, But Now I Might Have Nightmares...

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Pink Little Kitty Tongues are Important!

art cute kitten graffiti tongue - 7989179648
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This Tapir Wants a Taste

Babies cute tongue tapir - 7989139200
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