I Can Has Cheezburger?


Mimes Horatio Caine putting on his sunglasses... I think we've found a shady spot here for some gifs and memes... Sunglasses have become an almost essential fashion accessory for the style-focused. But as long as people turn their faces into something resembling a bug, there will always be jokes to be had.

Cyoot Puppeh ob teh Day: AWESOME

awesome cyoot puppeh ob teh day golden retriever puppy sunglasses tongue tongue out - 5560197120
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Poe Knows How to Roll

edgar allen poe sunglasses - 5530473728
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animals bear Deal With It sunglasses - 5471471872
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Where to poop...

beach caption captioned cat choices location many poop relaxing so sunglasses tabby where - 5448997632
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I ned

alcohol beer bulldog id sunglasses - 5431695616
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I wake up in the mornin Feelin' like P diddy

cat I Can Has Cheezburger Music rapper rappers sunglasses - 5319334400
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Dez rose colured glassez

attitude chihuahua glasses optimistic point of view sunglasses - 5379509248
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Watch closely son Soon you'll be a douche like me

child cooking roflrazzi sunglasses - 5317658624
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There is No Other Option

Deal With It gifs sunglasses - 5368769792
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Drop and Give Me Fifty

bulldog hat military push ups sunglasses - 5333874688
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Dogtober 2011: Ready 4 Takeoff!

airplane chihuahua clothes costume dogtober dress up halloween halloween costume helmet howl-o-ween october pilot sunglasses - 5247621632
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You Go Girl!

awesome Pundit Kitchen shopping sunglasses Target - 5269235968
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bulldog glasses soul sunglasses swagger teeth - 4201048576
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animals Cats I Can Has Cheezburger look alikes not amused sunglasses - 5266832128
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Deal With It sunglasses whatbreed - 5170109440
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Don't laugh

silly sunglasses whatbreed - 5116689408
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