I Can Has Cheezburger?


Of Course, That's Not Yours

ass difference donkey expression stupid - 6571565312
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Diet Brains.

annoyed brains dad diet mom parenting seals sleeping stupid zombie - 6560977920
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Green's a Walk in the Park

frog its-not-easy-being-green kermit purple stupid - 6481632768
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I Know he Means Well, but Still It's Annoying!

annoyed belly rubs cheese human rat stupid - 6460284160
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Really, We Ought to Let This Joke Go...

bad jokes confused joke otters puns stupid whisper - 6465153280
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Exhibit A.

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Cats compilation stupid Video - 40829697

Animal Videos: The Ultimate Compilation of Cats Being Stupid

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Maybe Not the Cleverest Kitteh in the Litter...

Cats FAIL genius Memes stupid why - 6459312896
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Survival of the Stupidest

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You're About To Get Your Money's Worth!

behind eating lion oblivious pounce safari SOON stupid They Said - 6407885824
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This Game is Pointless

annoyed game horse idiot knights stupid unimpressed - 6428177664
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U fassinate meh

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Not Mutually Exclusive

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Not the Best Idea

lion monkey raspberry stupid taunting - 6398791424
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I May Have Spoken Too Soon

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Animal Capshunz: Nature's This Way, Pal

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