I Can Has Cheezburger?


No Matter How I Look At It

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Ya know, you really should cut back...

hungry breakfast feed me what breed stupid - 6773532928
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It's Amazing They've Survived This Long

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Just Tell My Loved Ones I'll be Gone...for About 20 Years

doomed birds court derp stupid - 6897836032
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Let's Ignore the Fact That You Showed Up Late to the Party and Embrace the Fact That You Showed Up at All

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Now REMEMBER children

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Dis is mai Goggie impurrsenashun

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Hooman is pushing his luck beyond the boundaries of my patience.

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As Soon as I Get Out of This...

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We're Lucky There's Even This Many

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You Really Needs Them

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beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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"Gullible "

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Aifinks Hiz Speedoh'z a Lil Too Tite

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Of Course, That's Not Yours

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Diet Brains.

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