I Can Has Cheezburger?


Gonna Hurl

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A Nutty Trifecta of Squee

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By sixonefive72

Squirrel Couldn't Quite Make The Jump

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By Unknown

And Here I was Thinking I was Doing You a Favor

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I Got an Ouchie

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Dead Nuts Tell No Fluffy Tails

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Playing With a Squirrel

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By Unknown

I'm Going to Get You...One Day

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By Unknown

Do Ya Mind?! I'm Trying to Sleep!

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By ani.s4 (Via www.youtube.com)

Pocket Squirrel: Don't Leave Home Without it!

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Is That a Squirrel in Your Pocket or You Just Happy to See Me?

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By Unknown

It's Time to Blow This Popsicle Stand

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How is Everything, Sir?

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Psst! I Has a Secret!

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Get Away From Me, You Nut!

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Their Hazing Rituals are Nuts

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